Young Mom Tragically Loses Arm in RV Trip Adventure

Young Mother Tragically Loses Arm in RV Trip Adventure

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Last Updated on March 20, 2023 by Jessica Lauren Vine

Adventurous young mother Jessica Schwerin lost her arm in a recent tragic accident while having an RV trip adventure with her husband and young children. It was her husband’s birthday, and they wanted to do something enjoyable to make family memories together.

A Fun Time Goes Wrong Quickly

While Jessica and her family were enjoying some fun together on their Razor, it suddenly flipped over. According to the young mom’s Instagram post, she said the Razor flipped over and pinned her arm. The break was so bad, and the doctors worried it could threaten her life if they didn’t take the arm. They ended up amputating her right arm in order to save her life.

Jessica went on to say, “If you didn’t know about phantom pain. It’s a real thing. I can literally feel my missing arm, and it hurts so incredibly bad.”

She has received treatment at Kern Medical Center, which has a level II trauma center at the hospital that is meant to help patients with catastrophic injuries threatening life and limb.

Keeping a Good Attitude Throughout the Amputation

Despite such a traumatic experience, Jessica, her family, and her friends try to keep things light and keep her spirits lifted. Her father-in-law brought a skeleton arm and hand to put where her arm had been. Her friend bought her a doll and took its right arm off it.

Supporters in the comments told the young mom that had tragically lost her arm that she dealt with this with a very good attitude.

Many people sent funds and well wishes for the young mother and her family in hopes that her recovery would be quick and uneventful.

Job Loss Due to Accident

Jessica shared that she could no longer do her job since she lost her right arm. Her husband also had to take unpaid leave to take care of her and the children during her recovery. The young mother, her husband, and her children had been living in an RV after downsizing from a large house and large yard to have more adventures like this. But sadly, this memory did not leave the family with a positive memory or outcome.

She continues to share her progress on her Instagram.

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