Will RV Dealers Negotiate

Will RV Dealers Negotiate? 2024 Answer

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Last Updated on March 31, 2024 by Jessica Lauren Vine

Are you wondering, “Will RV dealers negotiate?”

No one wants to pay full price, but sometimes it can be intimidating when you go to an RV dealership. You aren’t sure if they will negotiate, and you don’t want to make them upset.

Yes. RV dealers will negotiate. The more they want the sale, the more they’ll negotiate. That’s why if you buy in the off-season, it’s much easier to strike a deal with the RV salesperson.

Tips for Negotiating for the Best RV Price with the RV Dealer

When you go to an RV dealer to buy an RV, you need to have a plan. If you go into a dealership with no plan, you’ll come out having paid full price for your new RV.

1. Ignore MSRP

When you look at RVs on the dealer website, you’ll see all of these slashed prices. MSRP was this, but we’re selling it for this. The MSRP is the recommended sales price from the dealership. I’ve honestly never seen an RV sell for the MSRP, but I suppose it has happened at some point in time.

Instead of looking at the MSRP and all the price slashing, take a look at what other dealers and private parties are selling that RV or even a similar year for. If the RV is older, obviously, it would sell for less, but it’s good to keep your options in mind.

2. Don’t UnderValue Your Trade-In

If you have a trade-in, this is where you could really do well or do not so well. The best way to make sure they don’t try to make extra money off you is to get them to agree on the price of the RV you’ll buy BEFORE you let them know you have a trade-in. If you tell them you have a trade-in first, they’ll try to give you less for the trade-in, and they’ll lower the price of the new RV, which will make it seem like you’re getting a good deal—but not necessarily.

Get them to commit to a price on the new RV. Make sure it is as low as you’ve seen elsewhere or lower. Then ask them about trade-ins and make sure you know how much other RVs like yours have sold for in the past six months or less.

3. Be Friendly

Throughout the whole process, make sure you’re friendly. Being disagreeable and mean won’t get the deal that you want, and it’s an all-around unpleasant experience. Be nice and work with a salesperson that listens to your needs. If you do that, you’ll have a much better chance of negotiating a good price with the RV dealer.


Using these tips can help RV sales negotiation go so much easier. Do yourself a favor and give it a try when you go to buy your next RV.

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