Why RV Toilet Paper

Why RV Toilet Paper? – Can’t I Use Normal Toilet Paper?

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Last Updated on March 16, 2023 by Jessica Lauren Vine

Why RV toilet paper?

Sometimes it’s hard to track it down and let’s face it—it doesn’t wipe the best.

Many challenges face both weekend campers and full-time RVers. RV living is full of many of life’s typical ups and a few not-so-typical ones. One of the issues that is unique to RVers is toilet paper. What usually seems like a simple decision that doesn’t require any planning or forethought can quickly turn RVing into a nightmare.

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Why RV toilet paper? RV sewage systems are uniquely designed to suit the uses of living on the road. They come with sewage holding tanks that need to be emptied periodically and are not intended to handle typical toilet paper.

This is mainly because the drainage pipes in RVs are smaller than standard sewer pipes. Another reason to use RV toilet paper versus traditional toilet paper is that the used toilet paper will typically sit in the holding tank for several days up to several weeks. This prolonged stay in the holding tank can result in the toilet paper sticking to the walls and bottom of the tank, which can cause clogging problems.

Why RV Toilet Paper

Why Do I Need to Use Special Toilet Paper in My RV? – Why RV Toilet Paper?

While it is not required, it is a good idea to use special toilet paper in your RV. RV toilet paper will cause fewer plumbing problems and clogging issues. It is also thinner than regular toilet paper and is designed to disintegrate in water.

After dumping your holding tank, it’s a good idea to flush up to a gallon of water back into the tank, so it doesn’t stay empty. This is done so that toilet paper doesn’t get flushed into an empty tank and get stuck to the bottom. Special RV toilet paper will then disintegrate when flushed into the slightly filled holding tank.

What is the Difference Between RV Toilet Paper and Regular Toilet Paper?

There are a few major differences between RV toilet paper and regular toilet paper, but not as many as you might think. RV toilet paper is less common and less made than regular toilet paper. As a result, it’s usually more expensive, sometimes even double the price. RV toilet paper is also designed to dissolve more quickly than regular toilet paper, resulting in less clogging.

While it dissolves quickly, RV toilet paper is still designed for comfort and care. RV toilet paper comes in anything from 1 ply to 4 ply and can be soft and cozy or rough and gruff. RV toilet paper is designed to maximize the comfort of camping, and choosing the correct kind will help make your RV experience more comfortable.

Can RV Toilet Paper be Flushed?

You can indeed flush RV toilet paper after its purpose is fulfilled. While RV sewer pipes are slightly smaller than residential sewage pipes, they are still designed to handle flushed toilet paper. It is recommended that you use special RV toilet paper as it will cause less stress on your sewage system.

It is not necessary to restrict bathroom usage and toilet flushing in an RV. It is, however, a good idea to always flush with plenty of water any time you flush your RV toilet. Don’t go overboard and dump a gallon of fresh water every time, but definitely give it a few extra seconds when flushing.

Is My RV Toilet Paper the Same as Septic Safe?

RV toilet paper and septic safe toilet paper are different products, but they serve the same purpose. The only real difference between the two is the names given to each. RV toilet paper and septic safe toilet paper dissolve at the same rate and are very equal in quality. Both types of toilet paper are considered safe for RV flushing and get the stamp of approval for full-time RVing.

There is one difference worthy of note between RV toilet paper and septic-safe toilet paper. In regards to the environment, septic safe is less damaging and is, therefore, the more earth-friendly choice.

Why RV Toilet Paper? – Who Sells RV Toilet Paper?

Although it sounds super special and unique, RV toilet paper is sold at many locations. Below are a few of the most common places you can purchase RV toilet paper:

Common Grocery Stores

Stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, Meijer, and others will have many toilet paper options, including RV toilet paper.

Home Improvement Stores

Places like Lowes, the Home Depot, and Menards will typically stock RV toilet paper and other RV-related products. They may not have a large selection, but if you’re in a pinch, they can typically bale you out.

Outdoor and Camping Stores

Cabelas, Field and Field, and Outdoor World are some of the largest outdoors stores in the nation. Among their thousands of products, they will typically sell camping supplies like RV toilet paper. These are just three of the many outdoor and camping stores that usually have RV toilet paper stocked and ready to go.


No surprise here. You can buy almost anything online, and RV toilet paper is no exception. Amazon is the leading online store globally, but many other retail outlets like Wal-Mart will have RV toilet paper available online.

Why RV Toilet Paper

Why RV Toilet Paper? – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about why RV toilet paper is important.

What kind of problems can using regular toilet paper cause?

Your RV sewer system could clog, and some people’s holding tanks have even fallen out due to heavy paper sticking to the sides.

Is RV toilet paper more expensive than regular toilet paper?

RV toilet paper is almost always more expensive.

Why RV Toilet Paper? – Conclusion

Well, there you have it, everything that you wanted and maybe didn’t want to know about RV toilet paper. If you are considering full-time RV living, every minute detail should be considered and planned out. Even toilet paper!

Don’t let a clogged sewage system or holding tank get in the way of enjoying your RV experience. Choosing RV toilet paper will be your best bet to avoid this downfall.

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