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Why Is Water Leaking from Under My RV?

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Last Updated on March 14, 2023 by Jessica Lauren Vine

You might be asking, “Why is water leaking from under my RV?”

I’ll tell you my story and why water was leaking from under my RV first. It was pretty terrible, and I was sure that I ruined the thing completely, but it wasn’t anything that bad.

Why Water Was Leaking From Under My RV

One evening we went outside and noticed there was water going away from our RV. It wasn’t just a little water—I’m talking a pretty huge stream. I was totally confused because I knew our air conditioner couldn’t cause that much leaking, and even if it could, why was it coming from back there? It didn’t make any sense.

We looked all around the RV in confusion, and then we noticed it was coming from near the bathroom.

It seems that our little Wolf Pup did not like us standing near the front of the shower so we could actually wash the shampoo out of our hair.

The pipes under the tub were no longer connected, and the water was just going out on the ground. It was such a terrible mess, and we never really got it fixed properly. We just had to make sure that we never stood too close to the front of the bathtub, or it would happen all over again no matter how many times we put it back together. No matter how much flex tape we tried on it. Not happening.

So, this could be why your RV is leaking from underneath.

However, there are some other reasons it could be as well in case you don’t have a pipe problem.

Cracked RV Water Tank

If your RV is a little on the older side, you don’t have to hit anything or jar too hard to get a crack in an RV water tank. Simple aging and wear and tear can cause a crack, so take a look at that and see if that could be the issue you’re dealing with.

Holes in Hoses

Holes in hoses might be the easiest thing you can fix, so I’d check here first. If all you need to do is change a hose in your RV, then that’s great.

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Broken Seals

If there are some broken seals on your valves or faucets, this can be a little more on the annoying side to deal with, but it’s not super expensive, so you can still rejoice if that’s the problem. And this could be one of the least expensive problems when you’re asking, “Why is water leaking from under my RV?”

What to Do If There Is Water Leaking Underneath Your RV?

My favorite course of action is to call the closest RV repair service, but sometimes that’s not possible. You might have to get down there yourself and get into the underbelly of your RV to see what’s going on.

Make sure you look at your RV owner manual before you start poking around, so you have an idea of what you’re doing and where you need to go in underneath your RV.

RV Leaks Frequently Asked Questions

Does water leaking mean I need to take my RV for repair?

No. Not necessarily. If you can get to the root of the problem, it’s usually pretty easy to patch up simple problems on your own.

If water leaks in my RV, does that mean it will have mold and mildew?

You should open up your RV and let things dry out as soon as possible. If you see spots inside where you can reach, you can even take a hairdryer to them.

Does water damage reduce the value of my RV?

Yes. If you don’t take care of water damage, the value of your RV will suffer.

Why Is Water Leaking from Under My RV? – Conclusion

Now you know more info to help you answer the question, “Why is water leaking from under my RV?”. I hope you don’t have an annoying problem as I did, but if you do, you’ll be able to work it out.

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