Why Does My RV Water Pump Pulsate When Not Using Water

Why Does My RV Water Pump Pulsate When Not Using Water? 2024 Answer

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Last Updated on March 31, 2024 by Jessica Lauren Vine

You’ve turned the water off, but you still hear the pulsating from your water pump. This probably has you asking, “Why does my RV water pump pulsate when not using water?”

This is not normal, and I will help you find a solution to your problem so you don’t overwork the RV water pump and cause the motor to burn out.

Reasons Your RV Water Pump Is Pulsating When Not Using Water

When your RV water pump pulsates, it normally is because it is trying to regulate water pressure. However, when your water isn’t on, this isn’t good, and here are some things to look out for.

Water Pump Is Leaking

If your water pump is leaking due to a break or a seal that isn’t working properly anymore, this can cause your water pump to pulsate when the water is turned off.

Look at the water pump and make sure the base and shaft of the water pump don’t have any water coming from it.

Water Pump Is Blocked

If there is something blocking your water pump, this can cause pulsating because your water pump is trying to push things through. This fix can be as simple as cleaning out your water pump to get any small debris out of it.

How to Fix a Pulsating Water Pump

Get to your water pump and see what brand it is. Depending on the brand of water pump, you may need to fix the challenge differently. You may also find that the RV water pump company has good customer service and is more than happy to help you.

Clean the RV Water Pump

There might not be a lot of debris in the RV water pump. You might not even see it right away, but even the smallest pieces of debris could cause problems and make your RV water pump pulsate even when the water isn’t turned on.

Check for Leaks in the RV Water Pump

If your RV water pump is leaking, there are different repair parts you can use to fix it. Depending on where the leak is in the RV water pump, it may be easier just to replace the pump with a new one. Many people like the idea of getting a new water pump for their RV because they usually operate a lot better than older models.

Check for Leaks in the Faucet Valve

Your faucet valve may need to be taken apart and washed of debris. You should also check the valve body and see if there is bacteria in there or any cracks and breaks that might be causing problems.

Check for Leaks in the RV Toilet Valve

You might not notice this leak for a while since you probably don’t hang out in the bathroom too much. It would be a slow leak, but it’s enough to cause issues like pulsating when you aren’t using the water.

If this is the problem just flush the system and either repair or replace the toilet valve.

Consider Upgrading Your RV Water Pump

If you are tired of dealing with an old RV water pump, you can get a new one. They aren’t that expensive, and they can keep you from having to deal with multiple future problems.

Additional Help for Pulsating

After you’ve figured out your RV water pump, you might figure out that you don’t want to deal with even a little pulsating. To reduce the pulsating in your water pump, you can get a pulsation dumper to keep you from having to deal with so much pulsating and vibration.

Pulsation Dampening Device

If you're dealing with annoying pulsating when you use your water, this is a great addition to your RV. Make sure it will work for your setup, though.

  • Makes things much smoother
  • Difficult to install due to lack of space
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Wrapping Up Your Pulsating Pump Woes

Now you have a good idea of what’s wrong and why the RV water pump is pulsating. Check these things, and you should hopefully have your fix so you can go on and have a fun rest of your vacation.


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