Where Are Champion Generators Made

Where Are Champion Generators Made? 2024 Answer

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Last Updated on April 1, 2024 by Jessica Lauren Vine

You’re asking, “Where are Champion generators made?” Keep in mind that Champion Power Equipment is not only a company but more like a way of delivering value-added, high-quality products.

What’s convenient, you can pick up a Champion Generator Inverter from your local Advanced Auto Parts, Bass Pro Shops, The Home Depot, Tractor Supply Company, Lowes, and Walmart. Many more locations and online options are available, but these are always subject to change.

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Champion Power Equipment is a newer company, established in 2003, but it has already garnered respect from other industry companies and its customers. Their reliable, durable, and dependable generators have made them one of the top leading brands in backup power generation. The generators are designed, the engineering planning is accomplished in Santa Fe Springs, California, and the units are produced in Zhejiang, China. There is also a US distribution center located in Sussex, Wisconsin.

Why Champion Generators Are Such Great Generators

You know the “what” about this article—Champion Power Equipment’s generators, but what is the “why” behind the scenes?

A field-portable generator is essential to survival off-the-grid and near the grid. A reliable and durable generator will keep your perishables cold and your shower water hot – things that are essential to a happy and healthy RV camper. You can determine your power requirements; there are plenty of calculators out there online. I’ve got two, one built into a 3500W generator into my rig and a backup, loose generator that was powerful enough to run my fridge and reefer, TV, and DVD player.

Champion Power Equipment is an international company that also caters to the European demand for portable power for all kinds of applications, from farming to RVing to catering, food trucks, construction, and other activities that require quiet, clean, and reliable power. The European distribution center for sales, parts and service is in Standish Wigan, UK. The facility is located just Northeast of Manchester. That whole part of England is beautiful. So if you get a chance in your travels, drop by the facility, and tour the surrounding area. Champion Power Equipment can be purchased throughout the UK at Costco or Machine Mart. The Canadian distribution office is located in Burlington, Ontario.

Think of clean, efficient, and safe for sensitive electronics when you purchase an inverter generator over a conventional generator. In this realm, Champion Power Equipment continues to get it right. According to many popular reviewers, the Champion Power Equipment 2000W Portable Inverter as “Best bang for the buck” and in the top 5 of the best portable generators. It’s light, affordable, and just what you need to keep the essentials running. With a 2000W inverter, you can run your fridge/freezer and microwave and even watch some TV on your satellite box or DVD player.

Parting Thoughts

A hard-working, durable generator can be one of the most useful tools in the RV and homeowner’s toolbox. So much so that it’s making the national news. Currently, Champion Power Equipment is swamped with orders from folks on the Gulf Coast of Florida recovering from Hurricane Ian.

Things are busy right now for folks who manufacture and service generator. On Champion Power Equipment’s website, the following warning has been issued. “Over 2 million people without power; extended wait time on calls; please use our live chat for immediate assistance. Our help center is available for self-service support.”

Remember! Even with the latest Carbon Monoxide (CO) detection and mitigation systems, running your generator or inverter generator indoors is not an option.

However, if you must run your generator outdoors in inclement weather, solutions are available to protect your investment and your family’s safety. So until next time, please check out Champion Power Equipment’s power-generation products. I know you will not be disappointed.

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