Whats the Difference Between an RV GPS and a Regular GPS

What’s the Difference Between an RV GPS and a Regular GPS?

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Last Updated on April 14, 2023 by Jessica Lauren Vine

“What’s the difference between an RV GPS and a regular GPS,” you might ask. I didn’t really understand it either when I first heard about it, but after I learned how an RV GPS could help, I couldn’t believe we were navigating with Google Maps or Apple Maps.

With an RV GPS, you input the specifics about the RV in which you’re traveling. After you do this, you’ll let the GPS know where you want to go, and the GPS will find a route that is the safest and fastest for your RV. It will help you avoid low bridges and other issues that might slow you down on your trip.

If you use a regular GPS, it won’t take into account that you have a huge rig you’re dealing with. It will think you’re scooting along with a normal car or truck. You can check the specific RV GPS you’re thinking about getting to make sure you know what features it has. If you decide to get an older model, you might find out it’s a little bit different than if you get the latest technology—but that’s to be expected.

RV GPS Features to Look Out For

The RV GPS you choose should have all the features you need to get you safely to your location. Keep reading to learn about the coolest features.

One of the great articles you can read is from our contributor Thomas Blaha: Is a Garmin RV GPS Worth It?

Customized RV Routing

When you have an RV GPS, you don’t have a one size fits all RV route calculation. The RV GPS makes sure your specific GPS can get through situations with your RV type.

Whether you’re driving a motorhome or pulling a travel trailer or fifth wheel, you can put that into the GPS for your RV. The RV GPS will figure out the best route for your RV by looking at your RV’s height, weight, length, and width.

Find RV Parks & Services for Your RV Easily

A regular GPS won’t show you RV parks and services for your RV like an RV GPS will. Having a directory of RV parks and services at your fingertips makes RV life a lot easier.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m tired and looking for an RV park or a place to get services to take care of my RV, the last thing I want to do is worry about scouring the internet for the information I need. An RV GPS app will make a big difference.

There are helpful filters that will help you find important amenities as well as things like whether or not the RV park is pet friendly.

Help to Avoid Nasty Traffic Jams

Arriving late at your RV campground is no fun. Just say no to traffic jams. It is as easy as that. Just kidding. I know it can be a mess.

Make sure the RV GPS you get allows you to connect and get live updates about traffic jams and how to avoid them. Depending on the GPS, you may be able to share your location so your friends can see where you are when you’re traveling.

Use Your RV GPS Hands-free

Many states don’t allow you to use phones or GPS devices with your hands. You need to have the hands-free ability, and you can definitely find that with various RV GPS systems. You can even see incoming calls and other alerts on your GPS in some cases. You can also make navigation commands via voice, which makes things much safer.

Listen for RV Specific Alerts

When there are things like low bridges or places where your RV might be close to the weight limit, you’ll get a notification. One of the notifications you might appreciate is a notification about steep grades. It can be a little nerve-wracking if you start going down a hill and weren’t expecting it.

Connect to Your Wireless Backup Camera

If you have an RV GPS that can connect with your wireless backup camera, that really makes things cool. You can see if people or vehicles are back there right in your navigation system.

RV GPS Frequently Asked Questions

You might have some questions about RV GPS, and I’m here to answer some of the most important ones for you.

Do I need an RV GPS?

Yes. An RV GPS makes a big difference and can save you from a lot of trouble on the road.

Is an RV GPS expensive?

Yes. The latest RV GPS will set you back a pretty penny. You can buy some other RV GPS systems that are a little less updated that still do a good job and will be a decent discount.

How accurate is an RV GPS?

Everyone I’ve spoken to about their RV GPS has said they’ve noticed it is very accurate, and they haven’t had a problem with their RV GPS.


Now you know a bit more about the difference between an RV GPS and a regular GPS. Figure out if you like the idea of having the extra help or not. If you do, then go for it, and if you don’t, then leave the RV GPS in the dust.

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