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What Size Mattress Do I Need for My RV?

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Last Updated on April 26, 2022 by Jessica Lauren Vine

Are you asking, “What size mattress do I need for my RV?”

I’m not sure there is anything more annoying than trying to upgrade your RV mattress just to find out that you’ve bought the wrong size mattress for your RV.

Don’t laugh.

We moved from our house and had this mattress that was our absolute favorite. It was this huge thick latex mattress that acted like a very heavy wet noodle when you went to move it.

We ended up having movers help us put it in the RV, and it was still a nightmare. However, that is when we found out that the queen mattress of an RV is not always the same as the queen in a home. In fact, it’s a short queen, which is about five inches shorter. So, make sure to measure and see if your mattress is a short queen if your manual says it’s a queen.

Keep in mind that there are RVs that do have actual queen mattresses. Some even have king mattresses if you really get those huge ones.

“Normal” queen mattresses are 60″ x 80″ but short queen mattresses are either 60″ x 74″ or 60″ x 75″ inches. Just check with a measuring tape and see which one you need.

The other mattress sizes are the same, so if you have a king, then you can look for a king and the same for a twin.

However, the most important thing you want if you do want to make your mattress more comfortable is a mattress topper. We honestly got rid of that big, heavy mattress because it got moisture on it. We got a much less expensive (and annoying) mattress and put the topper on it, and things were golden.

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Here are the links to a short queen mattress and a queen-size latex topper that would make a good combo if you want a more comfortable sleeping setup.

ZINUS 8 Inch Ultima Memory Foam Mattress / Short Queen Size for RVs
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Natural Latex Mattress Topper
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09/25/2022 12:04 am GMT

I hope this helps you get a better night’s sleep. Enjoy.

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