what is the difference between class a b c motorhomes

What Is the Difference Between Class A B & C Motorhomes

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Last Updated on May 5, 2022 by Jessica Lauren Vine

When you want to buy an RV, one common question is, “What is the difference between class a b and c motorhomes?”

Understanding the difference between these three types of RVs can make it a little simpler to make your choice of RV as you move forward.

Long and Short of It

Class A motorhome – These are the RVs that look like buses. They have the most room out of the three classes.

Class B motorhome – These are the RVs that look like vans. They have the least room out of the three classes.

Class C motorhome – These are the RVs that almost look like class B, but they’re bigger, and they have the cab over the driver area, which allows a bunk to be there.

Diving Deeper Into the Motorhome Classes

Now you have a bit of an idea about the motorhome classes. I think class C is what we’ll get next because it’s driveable and it’s not too big but not too small either. Let’s not talk about me, though, let’s get into more about these motorhome classes so you can start to make decisions about your journey.

Class A Motorhome

what is the difference between class a b c motorhomes

The class A motorhomes are the big beasts you see cruising smoothly over the interstate. They are built on a solid chassis and don’t need a separate tow vehicle. They can run off either gas or diesel.

Most of the time, you’ll see them with at least one big slide, but many come with four slides, and I’ve even seen some that have five or six slides. Basically, the whole RV has slides in that case.

If you want luxury, space and all the coolest amenities, then the class A motorhome is for you.

Honestly, some of the class A motorhomes you walk into look exactly like a home that landed on a vehicle chassis. I’m talking full kitchens, one (or more) full bathrooms, entertainment centers, central heat and air. They can be super fancy.

Some class A motorhomes have beds over the cab, but they’re different from class C because of the cab’s construction.

Class A motorhomes are best for:

  • Large parties and people that like lots of space
  • Luxury
  • Storage
  • Large living space
  • Residential kitchen
  • Ability to tow another vehicle

Class B Motorhome

what is the difference between class a b c motorhomes

Class B motorhomes, aka camper vans are becoming all the range. I know so many people are converting “normal” vans into camper vans right now that it is crazy. There is quite a shortage when it comes to camper vans, and people have to make their own unless they have massive piles of cash lying around.

Class B motorhomes are small and fit as much as they possibly can into a tiny space. Most class B motorhomes have what’s known as a wet bath. This means that the shower goes over the toilet to save space. If you don’t like being enclosed in small spaces then this motorhome is not for you.

There are no slideouts in class B motorhomes, but some of the newer models are pretty luxurious. However, keep in mind that those luxuries come with some pretty high price tags.

Class B motorhomes are best for:

  • Small groups, couples, or solo travelers
  • People that want to travel on small roads
  • Easy storage when not in use
  • Easier to repair

Class C Motorhome

what is the difference between class a b c

Since this motorhome is called a class C, you’d think it would make sense that it would be the smallest oneā€”but no.

Class C motorhomes are between class A and class B motorhomes in weight and length. Most class C motorhomes do have slideouts, but some don’t if you really don’t like RV slideouts.

The reason I like class C motorhomes is that they have more room than a class B, but they aren’t as hard to navigate as a class A. You’ve probably seen class B motorhomes going down the road as rentals because there are a lot of big RV rental companies that know that’s what most groups find attractive.

Class C motorhomes are best for:

  • Small groups, couples, or solo travelers
  • Getting decent fuel mileage but still having enough space
  • Decent storage
  • Mid-range budget

Motorhome RV Class Frequently Asked Questions

What class RV can I drive?

Good news! You don’t have to have any special license class to drive an RV.

Are class A RVs safe?

Yes. Class A RVs are safe to drive but learning how to steer and where your RV will go when turning is a good use of your time.

Is a class B van considered an RV?

Yes. Class B vans are considered an RV.

Motorhome Classes – Wrapping It Up

Now you know the answer to “What Is the Difference Between Class A B and C Motorhomes?” You might see one that stands out right away and know which one you want. Or you might want a travel trailer or fifth wheel.

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