What Is the Best Month to Buy an RV

What Is the Best Month to Buy an RV? 2024 Answer

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Last Updated on March 31, 2024 by Jessica Lauren Vine

Are you wondering, “What is the best month to buy an RV?”

You don’t want to buy an RV when it’s the highest price. You want to find out when you should buy an RV to get the best bang for your buck.

October or November are the best months to buy an RV. RV sales start to slow down during September, so waiting until after that will allow you to save the most money.

Save Money By Buying an RV During the Right Month

When you stay away from buying an RV during the “hot” months, you’ll save a lot of money. When there are plenty of sales coming through, salespeople don’t care if you walk away. However, when pickings are a little lean, they’re less likely to let you walk away without negotiating a little bit.

Make sure to use all the same negotiation tactics you would throughout the rest of the year, but know that they’re most likely more “hungry” for the sale during October or November. Don’t be afraid to make an offer. The worst thing they can say is no.


Now you have an idea of when to buy if you can hold off. If you just have to go RV this season, you can always try renting an RV. If the cost of renting an RV is lower than the amount of money you save by waiting for the right RV season, then this could be a good option.

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