What Is Gray Water in an RV

What Is Gray Water in an RV?

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Last Updated on April 14, 2023 by Jessica Lauren Vine

When you start RVing, there are so many different terms that come up. This likely has you asking, “What is gray water in an RV?”

Gray water in an RV is wastewater that comes from your sinks, showers any other area that isn’t your toilet.

You’ll likely fill up your gray water tank a lot faster than you will your black tank where your sewage waste goes. That’s why many people leave their gray tank open while they’re connected to full hookups.

If you aren’t connected to full hookups, some people drain their gray water into a kiddie pool and let the sun dry it out. Even though your gray water isn’t sewage, it still isn’t good to let it out onto the ground.

One thing that could help you when dealing with gray water is making sure it doesn’t stink up your RV. You can use these tablets to help.

Walex Elomonate Grey Water Deodorizer Tablets
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