What Do Pink Flamingos Mean in an RV Park

What Do Flamingos Mean in an RV Park? 2024 Answer

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Last Updated on April 1, 2024 by Jessica Lauren Vine

If you’re asking, “What do flamingos mean in an RV park?” then you’ve probably heard the rumor that they mean that people are looking to swing.

Just think about this, though. If you didn’t know that’s what it meant to some people, then there are probably a lot of other campers that have no idea.

Unlike the upside-down pineapples, the flamingos are likely just innocent. These birds are adorable, and who wouldn’t want a couple of them on their front lawn? Flamingos are fun, but upside-down pineapples aren’t really that common.

The history of pink flamingos dates all the way back to 1957 and an art school, so if you want to put some flamingos out in your RV yard, I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

What Do Flamingos Mean in an RV Park? – Pineapples and Flamingos Could Mean Swingers

A lot of people put the word out that pink flamingos and pineapples mean people are looking to swing. I was a little terrified since so many of my shirts had pineapples on them. I guess it makes sense why everyone is so friendly, is what I thought to myself.

When you go to RV parks, people do seem to have a lot of time on their hands. But I was happy to find out that it was the upside-down pineapples that signaled the swingers.

However, I then learned that the cute and innocent flamingo decorations are now in on the swinging signaling. Or at least some people use them that way.

What Are Swingers?

For all of the innocent people on here that might not understand that there are quite a few people that are interested in finding unique ways to spend their time, I’ll give you a short explanation about the swingers you might find in RV parks.

When you look for the pink flamingos and upside-down pineapples, these people want to share their partners. They are looking for couples to swap their partners with for an evening or maybe even longer periods of time.

You might not think it is common but you’d be surprised how many people are into this little secret of the RV parks and beyond.

In fact, my husband and I got approached online by a couple from New Jersey saying that we would do great in the swinger community. We were a little shocked at their bold ask since I had just networked with this guy for business, but we graciously turned them down. It’s not our lifestyle, and not even a cute plastic pink flamingo could wing us over.

Flamingos, Pineapples, and RV Parks

Now that we are wrapping things up, I am sure you’ll look at all the pink flamingos and pineapples differently than you did before reading this. The symbol or sign might be completely innocent but just know that people might look at you a little odd if you wear a pineapple that is upside down.

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