Tax Deductions for RV Owners

Tax Deductions for RV Owners for 2024

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Last Updated on March 31, 2024 by Jessica Lauren Vine

Finding tax deductions for RV owners can make it a little less painful when you make RV payments. However, don’t take deductions that you shouldn’t take, or you’ll really get into trouble.

Keep in mind that this is not tax advice, and I recommend you work with a well-trained CPA (certified public accountant.)

You may be able to take more deductions for your RV than you thought. This is true whether you use your RV for business, your primary residence, or your secondary residence.

Tax Deductions When Your RV Is Used for Business

If you work from your RV, you may be able to deduct some of the RV expenses since you use it as an office. Make sure you keep all receipts and anything business-related that you do from your RV documented. You shouldn’t be afraid of an audit, but you should be prepared for one.

Tax Deductions When Your RV Is Used for a Primary Residence

If your RV is used as a primary residence, you’ll be able to deduct the same things as you would be able to deduct on a home mortgage in many cases. Your RV doesn’t have to stay in one location either, so if you qualify for the deduction, you can still qualify when you’re traveling in your RV.

Tax Deduction When Your RV Is Used as a Secondary Residence

For you to get deductions on an RV as a secondary home, it needs to have a bed, cooking area, and bathroom, in most cases. You should always check your state’s laws to make sure.

RV Tax Deduction Types

RV take deductions may include:

  • Sales tax paid on the RV
  • Homeowners tax deductions
  • Business tax deductions
  • Interest paid on RV loans

Should I Take RV Tax Deductions?

In some cases, it doesn’t make sense to take RV tax deductions. This is true if the standard deduction you would get is more than what you’d get if you itemized your taxes.

You might also find that your tax prep is more expensive if you have to pay someone to itemize your deductions instead of just taking the standard deduction. However, for people that have a lot of deductions, you should definitely consider the benefits of itemized tax deductions which include RV tax deductions.

RV Tax Deductions Frequently Asked Questions

Can I write my RV off as my second home?

Yes. In some states, you can write your RV off as your second home.

Is RV interest tax deductible?

Yes. RV interest is almost always tax deductible.

How do I claim an RV on my taxes?

The best thing to do is speak with a tax professional since every state can be different with their laws and deductions.

Tax Deductions for RV Owners – Conclusion

Now you have some hope that RV ownership might be a little less expensive. If you live in your RV full time, then you probably already know how much less you could pay on a monthly basis without having a “sticks and bricks” home. But looking into these RV tax deductions can definitely help out.

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