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Romantic RV Vacations for Every Single State

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Last Updated on March 15, 2023 by Jessica Lauren Vine

Travel helps couples increase their connection and strengthen their bond. Going on romantic RV vacations can be a great way to get out of your hometown—or not—so you can keep the flame of your relationship burning.

There are plenty of romantic RV vacations you can take no matter where you are in the U.S., and I am going to go over some of the best places you can go for a romantic RV getaway with your loved one, no matter which state you want to visit.


Bella Terra Foley Alabama

Photo from Bella Terra

Bella Terra of Gulf Shores is a Class A resort, so do keep that in mind before you head off on your romantic RV trip. However, if you do have a Class A RV, it’s so beautiful and has a perfect romantic atmosphere. It’s a great recommendation for romantic RV vacations.

Hidden Cove RV Resort

Photo from Hidden Cove RV Resort

Hidden Cove RV Resort in Arley, Alabama, is the perfect out-of-the-way romantic destination for romantic RV vacations. The lake there is absolutely beautiful, and you’re far from prying eyes. The RV park is kept up, and the clubhouse has pretty views you can enjoy with your loved one.

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Denali Grizzly Bear Resort

Photo from Denali Grizzly Bear Resort

Denali Grizzly Bear Resort doesn’t have pull-throughs or sewer hookups, but it’s absolutely beautiful. They boast that you’ll have the true Alaskan experience with the gorgeous mountains in the background.

Ranch House Lodge RV Park

Photo from Ranch Lodge RV Camping

Ranch House Lodge RV Camping has a nice little creek where you can go fishing to catch grayling and trout, and the sound of the creek is very peaceful and the perfect place for a romantic stroll during romantic RV vacations.


Eagle View RV Resort

Photo from Eagle View RV Resort

Eagle View RV Resort isn’t very far from Scottsdale, which has plenty for love birds to do on romantic RV vacations. There are some big beautiful cacti in the park, which is pretty cool when you haven’t seen a lot of them.

Grand Canyon Camper Village

Photo from Grand Canyon Camper Village

Grand Canyon Camper Village is close to some of the most amazing sights you’ll ever see in your life. No matter what weather you go there in, you’ll see some amazing views and be able to see the Grand Canyon by air, water or you can head out to see even more in a hummer.


Wanderlust RV Park

Photo from Wanderlust RV Park

Wanderlust RV Park is perched atop nestled in the Ozark Mountains. The view from the pool alone is enough to make you feel romantic. Awesome for romantic RV vacations.

If that isn’t enough, head into town during your romantic getaway and check out the super cool buildings there.

Ozarks Luxury RV Resort on Table Rock Lake

Photo from Ozarks Luxury RV Park on Table Rock Lake

Ozarks Luxury RV Park on Table Rock Lake will blow your socks off if you’re looking for a luxury RV resort life. You can’t help but have romantic RV vacations right by the river with Branson, Missouri, only 30 minutes down the road.


Paradise by the Sea Beach RV Resort

Photo from Paradise by the Sea Beach RV Resort

Paradise by the Sea Beach RV Resort is located in gorgeous San Diego, where the beach is just minutes away. Even if you don’t want to go to the beach, you truly do feel like you’re in a romantic paradise since the RV park is built to impress.

There are plenty of outdoor activities and beautiful landscapes to enjoy, including going to the pier to see local fishermen enjoying everyday life and showing off their latest catch. I love this for romantic RV vacations.

Cava Robles RV Resort

Photo from Cava Robles RV Resort

Cava Robles RV Resort is one of those great locations that allow you to forget where you are. The pool and hot tub might keep you busy your entire visit, but if you want to get out and see more, make sure to check out wine country. Whether you indulge or not—it’s still a gorgeous spot.


Colorado Springs KOA

Photo from Colorado Springs KOA

Colorado Springs KOA has a lot going on and might be more than you want to get into on one of your romantic RV vacations, but it’s a great location to be a central point for a scenic drive any day.

When you stay there, you aren’t far from Garden of the Gods, Pike’s Peak, or Red Rock Canyon.

Elk Meadow RV Park

Photo from Elk Meadow Lodge & RV Park

Elk Meadow Lodge & RV Park is a rustic and charming spot out in nature and is the perfect backdrop if you want to go get a true Colorado photo.

Enjoy horseback riding, golfing, and other fun activities, or just stare at the beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park. Sounds great for romantic RV vacations, right?


Seaport RV Resort

Photo from Seaport RV Resort

Seaport RV Resort makes you think of living life to the fullest with its beautiful greenery. There is plenty to do in the area when you stay here, from the seaport to the awesome aquarium. Great romantic RV vacations spot.

Mystic KOA

Photo from Mystic KOA

Mystic KOA isn’t too far from the other Connecticut RV resort, but it is Connecticut, after all. They have more activities, but if you’re looking for romantic RV vacations, you might not be thinking about those too much, so just enjoy the beauty of the resort by taking some nice walks or enjoy the rather large RV spots.


Lost Lands RV Park

Photo by Lost Lands RV Park

Lost Lands RV Park is a pretty large RV park, however, they don’t have a lot of RV sites, so you get plenty of room when you come here for your romantic RV getaway. They pride themselves in being the place where the country meets the beach, and it’s very relaxing. Perfect romantic RV vacations hangout.

Massey's Landing

Photo by Massey’s Landing

Massey’s Landing has its own private beach and a pretty cool pool bar. Pretty much everywhere you look is the natural beauty of the water. The RV park sits between Rehoboth Bay and Indian River Bay, so if you want to launch a kayak or get out on a paddleboard, you have plenty to explore.


Fiesta Key RV Resort

Photo by Fiesta Key RV Resort

Fiesta Key RV Resort is a little slice of heaven in the Florida Keys. The water is beautiful, and it is the perfect way to enjoy a romantic trip since there isn’t much there besides for people camping and enjoying life.

The private beach and ability to kayak out, fish, and have fun will help you kindle the flames of romance. When it comes to romantic RV vacations, this is where it’s at.

Crystal Isles RV Resort

Photo by Crystal Isles RV Resort

Crystal Isles RV Resort is great for romantic RV vacations if you love watching the sunset. There is a beach right down the road where you can watch the sunset blow your mind as the sun goes down into the water.

You can also walk a little path under a bridge that gives you some pretty neat views. This is a beautiful spot we really enjoyed when it comes to romantic RV vacations.


Mountain Lakes Resort

Photo by Mountain Lakes Resort

Mountain Lakes Resort is a quiet little romantic getaway, perfect for romantic RV vacations. You can visit waterfalls and enjoy the river, or you can just lounge around the swimming pool. There is even a little dinner within the RV park if you don’t want to leave.

Coastal Georgia RV Resort

Photo by Coastal Georgia RV Resort

Coastal Georgia RV Resort is known as the shrimp capital of the world, so if you enjoy seafood and you find the water to be a romantic setting for romantic RV vacations, then this could be the spot for you. You can dive, snorkel and do other water activities that you enjoy.



Okay, so Hawaii isn’t really RV-friendly. At least, it’s not likely you’ll bring your own RV here. If you did, it would literally cost thousands of dollars to ship it there.

Most people that want to RV in Hawaii choose to rent an RV while they’re there. Hawaii can be the perfect romantic RV vacation but keep in mind it can be very difficult to get your hands on an RV there.

Here are some things you should know if you plan on RVing in Hawaii. But it’s an amazing for romantic RV vacations.


Tamarack RV Park

Photo by Tamarack RV Park

Tamarack RV Park is the romantic RV vacations location east coast travelers never knew they needed to take. The peaceful atmosphere puts you in a good wood with their many romantic places to walk and enjoy nature.

MotorCoach RV Resort Idaho

Photo by MotorCoach RV Resort Idaho

MotorCoach RV Resort Idaho is an exclusive spot for motorcoach owners that love luxury. If you want to enjoy the top of the top when it comes to luxury, then this is the place for you.

Whether it is golf or long walks by the water that makes you feel romantic, you’ll find it here.


Sycamore RV Resort

Photo by Sycamore RV Resort

Sycamore RV Resort has its own private beach and plenty of space for bird watching and fishing. The trees there are beautiful, and you can relax in the shade to read a book together.

If you want to do something more akin to city life, then you can head to Chicago, which is also about 60 miles away.

Northwoods RV Resort

Photo by Northwoods RV Resort

Northwoods RV Resort has a spa. Do you need to know more? Okay, if you’re not into going to the spa, you can also enjoy the river which you can reach from the park.

It’s also not too far from Chicago—about 90 minutes.


Lake Rudolph Campground and RV Resort

Photo by Lake Rudolph Campground and RV Resort

Lake Rudolph Campground and RV Resort is a little more on the rustic side of things, but it’s pretty cute since it’s themed Christmas. If you both like Christmas, then this could be the perfect romantic spot for you.

The whole town is in the holiday spirit year-round since they’re in the town of Santa Claus.

Follow the River RV Resort

Photo by Follow the River RV Resort

Follow the River RV Resort is great whether you enjoy relaxing or if you want to go hit the slopes for some ski adventures. You also aren’t far from King’s Amusement Park if you want to throw some adventure in there with the romance.


On-Ur-Wa RV Park

Photo by On-Ur-Wa RV Park

On-Ur-Wa RV Park is a quiet little park that has a very welcoming feel. You can walk to some spots to grab a quick bite, but the cool thing about this place is that the other attractions are so unique.

The town has the widest main street in America, and you can go to many of the historical sites having to do with Lewis and Clark’s expedition.

Oakwood RV Park

Photo by Oakwood RV Park

Oakwood RV Park has big lush RV sites for your rig, and you’re only about two blocks from the lake. You can head over to the state park, walk through the Central Gardens of North Iowa, taste your way through the Lake Time brewery, or maybe head over to the farmer’s market.


Chapman Creek RV Park

Photo by Chapman Creek RV Park

Chapman Creek RV Park is a small park, so you don’t have to worry about a lot of people butting in on your romantic time together. There are a few places to eat, and you can enjoy the beauty of the Geary wildlife area that isn’t too far away.

Acorns Resort Kansas

Photo by Acorns Resort

Acorns Resort is on Milford Lake, which is the largest lake in Kansas. You also get to enjoy the Flint Hills and pick from one of the 61 RV sites they offer there.

While you’re in Milford, take your sweetheart to the Milford Nature Center for a relaxing time. You can also go over to the state park to get your zen on.


Whispering Hills RV Park

Photo by Whispering Hills RV Park

Whispering Hills RV Park has good size RV sites and a nice swimming pool as well as a lake. You’re also close to a lot of great attractions. Go to Dream Chase Farms to see the gorgeous horses, or head over to Evans Orchard and Cider Mill.

If you’re into it, there’s also a Bourbon distillery close by.

Cave Country RV Campground

Photo by Cave Country RV Campground

Cave Country RV Campground is only minutes from a lot of fun attractions. Since you’re focused on making this a romantic RV getaway, why not head over to the caves? Mammoth Caves is just a few minutes away from the park.

If you like trains, you can also head to the historic rail park in Bowling Green, Kentucky.


Reunion Lake RV Resort

Photo by Reunion Lake RV Resort

Reunion Lake RV Resort truly gives you that romantic resort feeling. From the gorgeous relaxation areas with reclining chairs and fans to the lazy river and tiki bar—you’ll feel like you’re transported to another world.

New Orleans and Baton Rouge aren’t far away, so make your plans and enjoy romantic spots in either of these cities.

Grand Bayou Resort

Photo by Grand Bayou Resort

Grand Bayou Resort has large RV spots and is kept up very nice. The deluxe RV spots are sure to keep you comfortable during your stay.

If you like to picnic or fishing, you’ll love the partially covered pier there. A large marina separates the fishing pier from the swimming area and beach that has cabanas and bathhouses.


Patten Pond RV Resort

Patten Pond RV Resort is a charming place to stay. If you want to go to Acadia National Park, it’s about an hour away from there, but the drive is beautiful.

We enjoyed the huge lake there with great swimming and a peddle beach. There are a couple of picnic tables down near the beach area if you don’t feel like getting in the water. The RV sites are pretty good-sized, and the trees make it a romantic destination setting.

Moody Beach RV Resort

Photo by Moody Beach RV Resort

Moody Beach RV Resort is right near the beach—which is beautiful. The parking there is a little bit on the weird side of things in certain parts of the park, but it’s still really nice and has plenty of mature trees.

Museums, beaches, and lighthouses are sure to keep you busy, and don’t forget to have a romantic meal at one of the places like Northern Union or Five-O Shore Road.


Roaring Point Waterfront Campground

Photo by Roaring Point Waterfront Campground

Roaring Point Waterfront Campground focuses on embracing traditional campground with a relaxing experience by the water. Enjoy the beach and catch some gorgeous rays.

You can find some pretty neat things to do nearby, like going on a carriage ride or heading over to a local vineyard and winery.

Bar Harbor RV Park and Marina

Photo by Bar Harbor RV Park and Marina

Bar Harbor RV Park and Marina is near the beautiful beaches, but you can also fish right from your waterfront RV site or just enjoy the sunshine on your skin.

The concrete patios are the perfect place to enjoy the evening with a beautiful fire in the fire ring.


Peters Pond RV Resort

Photo by Peters Pond RV Resort

Peters Pond RV Resort is right on a spring-fed pond. If sitting by the pond doesn’t say romantic, then I don’t know what does. Relax on one of their two serene beaches.

If you want to check out the town, head in and see historic Sandwich, Massachusetts, with its museums, gardens, and boardwalk.

Cape Cod RV Resort

Photo by Cape Cod RV Resort

Cape Cod RV Resort is a 55-acre park and has plenty of shady spots to park your RV. At this RV park, you aren’t far from Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.

This is the perfect couples retreat with no requirement to leave the ground. With its three in-ground pools, you’ll be sure to find a little slice of paradise that isn’t too noisy.


Traverse Bay RV Resort

Photo by Traverse Bay RV Resort

Traverse Bay RV Resort has over 200 oversized lots for big rigs with paved streets and concrete parking pads and patios. If you feel the need to swim with a little chill in the air, you can enjoy the heated swimming pool.

You can find miles of gorgeous beaches nearby on your romantic vacation. Choose to bike, walk, or just put a towel out to watch the water.

Hidden Ridge RV Resort

Photo by Hidden Ridge RV Resort

Hidden Ridge RV Resort has nature all around, and it’s sandwiched in the middle of two amazing lakes. If you want to paddleboard, kayak, or have other water fun, you’ll love this spot.

Within fives miles away, you can go to the drag strip or try your luck at the casino.


Hidden Bluffs

Photo by Hidden Bluffs Resort

Hidden Bluffs Resort has a good setup for your camping vacation. It’s not super fancy, but the price is right, and the location is great.

Head over to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum, the Schechs Mills, Niagra Caves, or play some golf with your sweetheart. It all depends on what says romance to you.

Old Barn Resort

Photo by Old Barn Resort

Old Barn Resort is a super cool spot that has everything you need. If you and your partner as foodies, you’ll definitely love this spot. They have a restaurant on-site, so you can eat without hopping in the car.

Brockholes Nature Reserve isn’t far from the resort, and it’s impressive with its floating tourist village. You can also check out the lakes that are close by on foot or head out on a boat tour.


Paradise Ranch RV Resort

Photo by Paradise Ranch RV Resort

Paradise Ranch RV Resort is truly gorgeous and has plenty for couples to do whether you’re looking for romance or adventure.

The RV spots are nice, and you can tube, fish, and enjoy the massive swimming pool with a zip line while you’re there.

Gulf Beach RV Resort

Photo by Gulf Beach RV Resort

Gulf Beach RV Resort overlooks the sandy beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. The sunrises and sunsets here are insane and make it a great place for romance.

When you want to get out of the resort, you can head over to the Biloxi Lighthouse or the Marti Gras Museum, or one of the other many attractions in the city.


Osage Beach RV Park and Campground

Photo by Osage Beach RV Park & Campground

Osage Beach RV Park & Campground has beautifully shaded RV spots but come out from under the trees to see the lovely sunsets by the pool. This beautiful state will wow you with the colors of the sky.

If you find shopping romantic, there’s plenty of shopping at the Osage Beach Outlet Marketplace.

America's Best Campground Branson

Photo by America’s Best Campground Branson

America’s Best Campground Branson is one of the friendliest campgrounds you’ll come across. If you want stress-free with the ability to still make it to popular Branson attractions, then this is the spot for you.

Silver Dollar City is a pretty big deal when it comes to amusement parks. It can feel like a young people’s date, which may make it romantic on its own.


Polson Motorcoach Resort

Photo by Polson Motorcoach Resort

Polson Motorcoach Resort gives you amazing views of Flathead Lake and the mountains all around. Mountains say romance, and you can see plenty of them here at this amazing spot.

When you stay here, you’ll be at the gateway to Glacier National Park. You’ll also be able to go to the Kerr Dam and play plenty of golf at the most elegant courses.

Moose Creek RV Resort

Photo by Moose Creek RV Resort and Bed and Breakfast

Moose Creek RV Resort and Bed and Breakfast has big sites that don’t put you in your neighbor’s windows. The mature trees give you plenty of shade, so you don’t melt in the sun.

Check out the scenic drives nearby, or you can head up to Glacier National Park. This is the most popular area of Montana, and for good reason.


Hidden Falls Cabin and RV Park

Photo by Hidden Falls Cabin & RV Park

Hidden Falls Cabin & RV Park has awesome views and is close to local businesses. The RV spots are concrete, so you don’t have to worry about leveling your RV.

Enjoy a romantic day at the farm—Arbor Day Farm, to be exact. The treehouse there is pretty awesome and would be good for couples looking for romantic spots.

Fisher's Cove RV Park

Photos by Fisher’s Cove

Fisher’s Cove is a quaint little spot that is great for kayakers and people that love fishing. However, it’s just as easy to sit by the fire pit and watch the beauty around you.

There are some nice places to eat in town, but don’t plan on having a lot of attractions to go to nearby.


Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort

Photo by Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort

Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort isn’t far from anything you want to do in Las Vegas. Even if you don’t feel like going out to see shows or hit the strip, the park itself is a great place to enjoy yourself.

The pool is really nice, and if you want to play golf, you’ve got the perfect place for it.

Wine Ridge RV Resort and Cottages

Photo by Wine Ridge RV Resort & Cottages

Wine Ridge RV Resort & Cottages is a great place to spend your romantic week or weekend. They have new premium RV spots to make your time there even more special.

You can keep yourself busy here at the wineries, casinos and check out the museum.

New Hampshire

Westward Shores Cottages and RV Resort

Photo by Westward Shores Cottages and RV Resort

Westward Shores Cottages and RV Resort has the most beautiful nature views you’ll be able to find. You aren’t far from many White Mountains attractions.

Take a cruise on the water, float around on a kayak, head over to Santa’s Village or just take a walk around the campground.

Chocorua KOA

Photo by Chocorua KOA

Chocorua KOA has some impressive waterfront RV sites if you can catch them in time to reserve them. Even if you don’t get those, the other sites are impressive and look relaxing.

There are lots of hiking and lake activities, and you can check out the local theater that consistently puts on impressive productions.

New Jersey

TipTam Camping Resort

Photo by TipTam Camping Resort

TipTam Camping Resort is a rustic camping experience with plenty of activities at the park. You aren’t far from Six Flags, Jenkinsons boardwalk, saltwater charters, and other fun.

Lovely Island Beach State Park isn’t far away. Enjoy the water and sunshine on your romantic road trip.

Pine Cone Resort

Photo by Pine Cone Resort

Pine Cone Resort has plenty of wooded, open RV sites for your enjoyment. If you have an outdoor structure, you can put that up too and give yourself even more shelter from the sunshine.

This resort is close to the other one, so you have access to the same areas, but you might find one more to your liking than the other.

New Mexico

Ruidoso Motorcoach Ranch

Photo by Ruidoso Motorcoach Ranch

Ruidoso Motorcoach Ranch is only for Class As, but if you have or rent one, it’s a sight to see. They’ve gone to great lengths to make sure the entire place is beautiful.

The views here are enough to put you in the mood for romance. The sunrises in New Mexico are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.

Elephant Butte Lake RV Resort

Photo by Elephant Butte Lake RV Resort

Elephant Butte Lake RV Resort has nice level RV spots for relaxing. They have an indoor swimming pool and hot tub, so you don’t have to bake in the hot New Mexico sun.

Not far away, you’ll find hot mineral baths, historic villages, ghost towns, boating, and fishing.

New York

Skyway Camping Resort

Photo by Skyway Camping Resort

Skyway Camping Resort is a great Catskills campground. It’s just a couple of hours north of New York City if you’re trying to escape the hustle and bustle.

Sam’s Point Preserve isn’t far away and has a lot of beautiful natural sites, including waterfalls, streams, and more. This is a perfect spot for a romantic hiking experience.

Copake Camping Resort

Photo by Copake Camping Resort

Copake Camping Resort has a heated inground pool to enjoy when you’re not out chasing waterfalls. About 45 minutes away, you can go to Tanglewood and hear beautiful music from many talented musicians.

North Carolina

Mountain Falls Luxury Motorcoach Resort

Photo by Mountain Falls Luxury Motorcoach Resort

Mountain Falls Luxury Motorcoach Resort makes me want to get a Class A RV myself. It’s absolutely gorgeous and has the best luxury accommodations and plenty of romantic spots at the resort.

The mountain views here are mindblowing, and all of the spots to park your RV are little plots of paradise.

The Great Outdoors RV Resort

Photo by The Great Outdoors RV Resort

The Great Outdoors RV Resort is a piece of Smoky Mountain paradise. Blue Ridge Parkway will catch your eye whenever you drive through.

The RV sites here are big, and you can easily get to Atlanta, Knoxville, Asheville, and other popular areas without much fuss if you’re trying to plan a multi-stop trip.

North Dakota

RoughRider Campground

Photo by RoughRider Campground

RoughRider Campground is big rig and little rig friendly and prides itself in being in the middle of fishing, hunting, and shopping.

There are museums nearby, a park zoo, and other outdoor attractions to keep you busy with your loved one.

Williston Foxrun RV Park

Photo by Williston Foxrun RV Park

Williston Foxrun RV Park gives you plenty of room between you and the next RV over. You have all the amenities you need to hang out here for as long as you like, such as showers and washers and dryers.

To have some fun, you’ll need to get out of the park, though. You can enjoy Lake Sakakawea, Fort Union Trading Post, Lewis and Clark State Park, Missouri-Yellowstone Confluence Interpretive Center, and more.


Shadow Lake RV Park

Photo by Sandusky Milan RV Park

Sandusky Milan RV Park is a laid-back campground that makes it easy to relax on your romantic getaway. It isn’t so far off the beaten path that you can’t easily get to attractions you’re interested in seeing.

When you’re here, you won’t be far from Summit Motorsports Park, Cedar Point, and the birthplace of Thomas Edison.

Shadow Lake RV Park

Photo by Shadow Lake RV Park

Shadow Lake RV Park is 96 acres of beautiful campground. There are three different ponds and a lake where you can fish to your heart’s content.

Enjoy a romantic scenic drive through Amish Country and The National Forest Covered Bridge Scenic Byway.


Twin Fountains RV Resort

Photo by Twin Fountains RV Resort

Twin Fountains RV Resort has a unique thing they do which is pretty cool. If you want to go somewhere like the OKC Zoo, they take you there and pick you up in a limo. As long as the location is three miles within the resort, they’ll take you.

The sites and roads are wide, and the area is beautiful. You can eat at the bar and grill there or have the limo shuttle take you to another spot to grab some grub or do something romantic with your partner.

By the Lake RV Park

Photo by By the Lake RV Resort

By the Lake RV Resort is a green spot in Oklahoma that has lots of nature trails, fire pits, a scenic fishing pond, and more.

Lake Murray, Lake Murray Golf Course, and Tucker Tower are some of the popular attractions nearby. You might also want to pop in and visit the casino to try your luck.


Crater Lake Resort and Store

Photo by Crater Lake Resort and Store

Crater Lake Resort and Store offers creekside RV camping. Listen to the water rush by as you play romantic music outside your RV, watch the fire, and enjoy the Oregon nature.

Crater Lake National Park is Oregon’s only national park, and it is sure to wow you once you see it. It’s so remote that you won’t find any gas stations or stores nearby. Make sure you pack everything you need before heading that way.

Hart's Camp

Photo by Hart’s Camp

Hart’s Camp is a pretty cool little spot. If you don’t have your own RV to park, you can rent an Airstream and live in style while you’re there.

Nearby are plenty of nature things to do like fishing, surfing, hiking, paddle boarding, catching crabs, and much more.


Stonybrook RV Resort

Photo by StonyBrook RV Resort

StonyBrook RV Resort has plenty of room for big RVs, so there is plenty of room for you to stretch out at your RV site. Each site comes with fire rings and picnic tables, so you can enjoy your nighttime campfire.

There are multiple parks nearby, and you can have an adventure on the river if that’s your thing as well.

Country Acres Campground

Photo by Country Acres Campground

Country Acres Campground is a great place for you if you want to experience the Lancaster countryside. The greenery is impressive, and if you come in the fall, you’ll see plenty of colors.

If you want to get out of the park, you can head over to the Turkey Hill Experience and try your hand at creating a new flavor of ice cream. Once you’re done there, you can walk off the sweets at a local park.

Rhode Island

Timber Creek RV Resort

Photo by Timber Creek RV Resort

Timber Creek RV Resort is a short way from the sandy beaches of Misquamicut. You’ll also be close to historic Watch Hill, Rhode Island. The Lighthouse in Watch Hill is a great place to go on your romantic trip.

If you want to go sportfishing, there are some good places to go as well. The beach might be a little more romantic, but some people might consider fishing a romantic getaway.

Ashaway RV Resort

Photo by Ashaway RV Resort

Ashaway RV Resort isn’t too far away from the resort above, so you can go to all the same attractions. This RV Park has nice level spots that are big enough that you aren’t on top of your neighbor.

The green all around the park puts you in a good mood and is a good setting for romantic walks.

South Carolina

WillowTree RV Resort and Campground

Photo by WillowTree RV Resort & Campground

WillowTree RV Resort & Campground is a nice park that has concrete pads to park on and large patios so you can enjoy your outdoor time without sinking into the dirt. You aren’t too close to your neighbor, so you won’t be up in each other’s business.

If you want to hang out in the pool, you have that option, but there is also an in-lake water park which is pretty unique.

Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort

Photo by Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort

Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort is only for Class A motorcoaches, but if you have one, it’s super nice and a great romantic spot for you and your partner.

If you bring a dog along, it’s also nice for them as well. There is a heated dog wash and plenty of area for your best friend to play.

South Dakota

Larsson's Crooked Creek Resort

Photo by Larsson’s Crooked Creek Resort

Larsson’s Crooked Creek Resort is close to all the major attractions. You can see Mountain Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Custer State Park, and many more.

Besides those cool attractions, you can also take your sweetie to the 1880 Train, Reptile Gardens, Jewel Cave, or one of the other awesome spots nearby.

Rush No More RV Resort

Photo by Rush No More RV Resort

Rush No More RV Resort promises to keep you entertained while you’re there or help you find something to do outside the park. They are close to the same main attractions as the park above but have a different feel.

They also have hiking and nature trails within their park that you can enjoy.


Whispering River Resort

Photo by Whispering RV Resort

Whispering River Resort is tucked in the mountains and is a small RV park but really charming. You can go about 30 minutes more, and you can be in Pigeon Forge. Cades Cove is also up the road just a little bit and such a great place to enjoy a romantic day with your partner.

There is a river right there at the park, and they have a swimming pool as well. The spots aren’t super big, but they’re big enough that they are comfortable.

Anchor Down RV Resort

Photo by Anchor Down RV Resort

Anchor Down RV Resort has impressive views and beautiful spots to park your rig. The lakefront and lake view sites are enough for you to enjoy the park, but there is more to do in the area.

Douglas Lake and Dam are a nice places to visit, and you can check out the Dandrige Visitor’s Center for more ideas.


Stella Mare RV Resort

Photo by Stella Mare RV Resort

Stella Mare RV Resort will make you think you just stepped into the islands. There are 25 acres to explore, and it’s the perfect place to create that romantic feel for your special guy or gal.

Visit Moody Gardens, check out the beaches, see the Strand Historic District, and of course, you can check out the pier. Depending on how long you have here, this could keep you busy the entire time.

Blazing Star RV Resort

Photo by Blazing Star RV Resort

Blazing Star RV Resort gives you that sense of luxury, but you are also in the country here at this RV resort. The lagoon pool is a great place to relax and keep out of the heat.

If you’re done ready to get out and about, head to the San Antonio Zoo or Aquatic San Antonio. There’s so much to do in the area and much of it you’ll find romantic.


Zion National Park RV Camping

Photo by Zion National Park RV Camping

Zion National Park RV Camping puts you right in the middle of gorgeous surroundings. Each RV site has its own shade tree to allow you to hide out in the shade if it gets too hot.

There is so much hiking to do in the area. Before you head out, make sure you pick a trail that fits your level so you don’t get hurt. Some of the trails are pretty hard to go through, so stick to the easy ones if you have problems.

Mountain Valley RV Resort

Photo by Mountain Valley RV Resort

Mountain Valley RV Resort allows you to surround yourself with the romantic Rocky Mountains. The views of Mount Timpanogos are out of this world and priceless, but you get them free with your stay here.

They are a year-round RV resort, so if you like skiing and ice fishing, you can go during the winter to experience that fun.


Sugar Ridge RV Park

Photo by Sugar Ridge RV Park & Campground

Sugar Ridge RV Park & Campground has the most beautiful trees on its 68 acres. The Maples and Pines help keep it cool on hot days and just look beautiful.

The Northeast Kingdom of Vermont is one of the most amazing places you can visit. There is so much nature to see that will totally floor you and your partner as you build more romantic memories.

Dorset RV Park

Photo by Dorset RV Park

Dorset RV Park has shaded, level sites and huge shade trees. There are lots of places to bike nearby, and depending on the time you are there, you may see the colorful tree change, the beautiful green, or the bare beauties of the winter months.

Whenever you go, make the best of it and enjoy romantic walks, bike rides, and moments near the water with your loved one.


Virginia Beach KOA

Gwynn’s Island RV Resort gives you both wooded and oceanfront campsite offerings. The water is beautiful, and you might want to spend the day out there kayaking or just sitting by the shore.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can have some fun zipping through the trees on a zipline. There’s also golf if dangling above the ground isn’t your style.

Gwynn's Island RV Resort

Virginia Beach KOA offers a lot of amenities, but for foodies, the ice cream might be the favorite. There are also two pools on-site if you need to swim off some of those ice cream calories so you can look good for your romantic getaway.

Visit the Cape Henry Lighthouse while you’re there, walk the Virginia Legends Walk, or head over to First Landing State Park.


Lake Pleasant RV Park

Photo by Thunderbird RV Campground

Thunderbird RV Campground will give you the mountain views and riverfront from the romantic movies where you see your favorite stars fall in love. You can find some beautiful spots to sit, talk and plan out the future here or just walk quietly and enjoy the beauty of Washington.

There is plenty more to do if you want to make the most of your time there. If you love antiques, there are plenty around, or maybe you want to go up in a hot air balloon—you can do that here too.

Lake Pleasant RV Park

Photo by Lake Pleasant RV Park

Lake Pleasant RV Park is a peaceful park where you can see waterfowl and fish in the lake. Every RV site is within walking distance to that lake, so you know exactly what you’re getting in this great outdoors of Washington park.

It’s not too far from Seattle, so if you want to see where 50 Shades of Grey was set, you’re right there. Talk about romantic.

West Virginia

Brushcreek Falls RV Resort

Photo by Brushcreek Falls RV Resort

Brushcreek Falls RV Resort is in the middle of beautiful wooded mountains. The swimming pool is beautiful and has great views.

There is a gem mine and a speedway nearby, so you can enjoy some pretty cool attractions. Besides those, if it’s winter, you can check out skiing.

Riverside Cabins and RV Park

Photo by Riverside Cabins & RV Park

Riverside Cabins & RV Park has a lot of fishing opportunities available. If you want to catch some smallmouth bass or trout, you’re in the right place.

The park has its own gem mining setup, and the swimming pool has great views of the mountains.


Crystal Lake Campground

Photo by Crystal Lake RV Resort & Campground

Crystal Lake RV Resort & Campground has a nice swimming pool that overlooks Crystal Lake. If you’d rather hop in the lake, you can go down to the beach area and enjoy the water.

The park is only around 25 minutes from the popular Wisconsin Dells region. There are theme parks and entertainment centers there if you want to pack in some adventure and exploring outside of the park.

Stoney Creek RV Resort

Photo by Stoney Creek RV Resort

Stoney Creek RV Resort is near some of the most beautiful nature you’ll see. For instance, you’ll see the rolling hills of northeastern Trempealeau County.

Head to the Buena Vista Scenic Overlook and wow yourself with the sights of Wisconsin.


Windhaven RV Resort

Photo by Windhaven RV Resort

Windhaven RV Resort is one of the most beautiful spots in Wyoming—Dubois. It’s located in the heart of the Rockies, and you’ll love the views of this park.

With so many places to see, you might need some help finding the best spots. That’s why there are tour guides you can hire to show you some of the coolest spots.

Highline Trail RV Park

Photo by Highline Trail RV Park

Highline Trail RV Park has nice showers, a bathhouse, and all of the essentials, but the real gem is the view from the park. One of the most beautiful things is the sunrise and sunset as it lights up the sky.

Don’t miss Fremont Lake when you’re in the area. You’ll need a few hours to really explore and drink in the romantic destination.

Romantic RV Vacations – Conclusion

Now you can choose the perfect romantic RV vacations for you so that you can enjoy some good times with your loved one. There are so many great options that will allow you to have fun and keep that flame alive.

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