Lunch Ideas for RV Camping

Lunch Ideas for RV Camping

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Last Updated on April 28, 2023 by Jessica Lauren Vine

Having lunch ideas for RV camping and not having to think about them can really help make the day much more stress-free. And it will help you keep from resorting to PB&J sandwiches unless you want those, of course.

Are you planning a fun-filled vacation on the road? RV camping is one of the best ways to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and explore the great outdoors.

When it comes to food, the limited space and resources in an RV kitchen can be a challenge. But don’t worry! With these lunch ideas and tips for food preparation, you’ll be able to enjoy delicious meals on the road. So, let’s dive in and discover some tasty and easy-to-make dishes that will keep your energy levels high during your RV adventure!

Lunch Ideas for RV Camping

Things to Think About When Choosing Lunch Ideas for RV Camping

When planning your RV trip, it’s essential to consider multiple things when thinking about the best lunch ideas for RV camping. This includes the number of people you’ll be traveling with, food preferences, availability of kitchen equipment, and the time you’ll have for food preparation. You need easy RV meals, not something super difficult.

For instance, if you’re traveling with kids, you may want to choose meals that are quick, easy, and appealing to their taste buds. Some great options for kids include sandwiches, wraps, and salads. You can also consider packing some pre-cut fresh fruit and veggies for a healthy snack.

On the other hand, if you’re traveling with adults, you may want to fix stuff that is a little fancier. Some ideas for adult lunches include grilled chicken or fish with a side salad or roasted veggies.

When choosing your lunch ideas, it’s also important to consider the weather and your planned activities for the day. If you’re going to be spending the day hiking or doing other physical activities, you’ll want to choose meals that are high in protein and carbs to keep you fueled and energized. Some great options for this include grilled chicken or turkey sandwiches, pasta salads, and energy bars.

Another factor to consider is the availability of grocery stores and markets along your route. If you’re going to be traveling through remote areas, you’ll want to stock up on non-perishable items like canned goods, peanut butter, and crackers. You can also consider packing a cooler with ice packs to keep perishable items fresh.

Finally, it’s important to keep in mind the amount of storage and space you have in your RV kitchen. You’ll want to choose meals that require minimal storage space, ingredients, and kitchen equipment. This way, you won’t be overwhelmed with a bunch of unneeded stuff. Some great options for easy-to-store meals include canned soups, instant noodles, and pre-packaged salads.

10 Top Delicious Lunch Ideas for RV Camping the Whole Family Will Love

Now that you have some tips and ideas for lunch ideas while RV camping, here are ten delicious lunch ideas to try:

RV Meal Planning Tips – Quick and Easy Recipes for Your RV Trip

When RV camping, it’s essential to choose the right recipes for your meals to save time, energy and to avoid food wastage. Below are some lunch ideas that are easy to make in an RV kitchen:


Sandwiches are classic and easy-to-make meals that are perfect for RV camping. There are just a few ingredients. When you’re on the road, you need something that’s easy to put together, and sandwiches are the perfect solution.

You can use any type of bread, from sliced white bread to a baguette, and add your preferred ingredients. Some great sandwich fillings include cheese, chicken, turkey, or even peanut butter and jelly. Don’t forget to add some lettuce, tomatoes, and your favorite condiments to make your sandwich even more delicious!

One great thing about sandwiches is that they are easy to customize to your liking. If you’re feeling adventurous, try adding some avocado, bacon, or even some sliced apples to your sandwich. So many yummy options.


Wraps are another versatile and easy-to-prepare meal that’s perfect for RV camping on your next RV trip. They’re a great option because they’re easy to carry, and you can have them on the go. You can use flour or corn tortillas, or flatbreads and add fillings such as cheese, hummus, or vegetables to create a delicious wrap.

One great thing about wraps is that they’re a great way to use up any excess food items you have in your RV. If you have some leftover chicken, veggies, or even some rice, you can use them to make a delicious wrap. Add some salsa or guacamole for some extra flavor, and you’re good to go!


Tacos are a tasty and easy-to-make lunch idea for RV camping. They’re a great way to get some protein and veggies in your diet, and they’re easy to customize to your liking. Use ground beef, chicken, or beans as your protein, add some veggies, cheese, taco seasoning, and salsa in a tortilla, and voila! You have a delicious and satisfying meal.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try adding some different toppings to your taco. Some great options include sliced jalapenos, diced onions, or even some fresh cilantro. You can also try using different types of tortillas, such as corn or flour tortillas, to switch things up.

So the next time you’re on the road in your RV, try one of these quick and easy lunch ideas. They’re perfect for when you’re short on time but still want a delicious and satisfying meal!

Making the Most of Limited Space and Resources

Your RV kitchen may have limited space and resources, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy delicious meals. Below are some tips to keep in mind to make the most of your limited space and resources.

Plan Ahead with Easy RV Recipes

Before you hit the road, plan your meals in advance. This way, you can make a list of essential ingredients, utensils, and appliances that you’ll need, and you can make the most out of your limited space by packing only what you need. Planning ahead will also help you save time and money.

One great way to plan your meals is to create a menu for the week. This will give you an idea of what you need to buy and what you need to pack. You can also plan meals that use similar ingredients, which will help you save space and reduce food waste.

Another tip is to prepare some meals in advance. You can cook and freeze meals such as chili, soup, and lasagna before your trip. This will not only save you time but also reduce the amount of cooking you need to do on the road.

Use Multi-Functional Kitchen Equipment

If you have limited space in your RV kitchen, invest in multi-functional kitchen equipment such as an electric skillet or a microwave oven. These appliances can cook a wide range of foods while also saving you space and reducing cooking time.

Another great multi-functional tool is a slow cooker. You can use it to make stews, soups, and even desserts. Plus, it doesn’t take up much space and can be left to cook while you explore your surroundings.

Use Non-perishable Ingredients

Using non-perishable ingredients such as canned goods, pasta, and rice will save you space and also reduce the risk of food wastage. These ingredients can be cooked in advance and stored for later use, reducing food preparation time and making your RV trip more enjoyable.

When buying canned goods, look for ones with pull tabs to save you from having to pack a can opener. You can also buy pre-cooked rice and pasta that can be heated up in the microwave or on the stove.

Don’t forget to pack some spices and seasonings to add flavor to your meals. You can buy small containers or create your own spice blends to save space.

By following these tips, you can make the most of your limited space and resources in your RV kitchen while still enjoying delicious and satisfying meals.

RV Meal Ideas – Camping Meals to Enjoy Outdoors

RV camping offers a fantastic opportunity to enjoy an RV meal in the great outdoors. The fresh air and scenic views make every meal more enjoyable. Here are some lunch ideas to enjoy outdoors.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

A classic grilled cheese sandwich is a perfect lunch idea to enjoy outdoors. You can use a portable grill or a skillet and grill some cheese and bread to create this delicious meal. To make it more interesting, you can add some sliced tomatoes, bacon, or ham to the sandwich. The melted cheese and crispy bread make this a satisfying meal that is perfect for a day of outdoor activities.

If you want to make grilled cheese more fun, you can cut them into bite size pieces. This is especially good for smaller kids.

Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are a classic lunch idea that is perfect for outdoor cooking. You can grill them on an open fire and add some toppings such as cheese and ketchup, mustard, or mayonnaise to create a satisfying meal. To make it more interesting, you can use different types of sausages, such as bratwurst, chorizo, or Italian sausage. You can also add some grilled onions and bell peppers to the hot dog to give it a more flavorful taste.

Potato Salad

Potato salad is a great side dish to have during an outdoor lunch. You can cook some potatoes in advance and then add mayo, vinegar, pickles, and other seasonings to create a delicious salad, perfect for outdoor dining. To make it more interesting, you can add some chopped hard-boiled eggs, bacon, or green onions to the potato salad.

The creamy and tangy taste of the potato salad makes it a perfect complement to any grilled meat or sandwich.

When planning your outdoor lunch, it is important to consider the weather and the location. If it is a sunny day, you may want to bring some cold drinks and fruits to refresh yourself. If you are camping in a remote area, you may need to bring a portable stove or grill to cook your meals. Whatever your situation, with a little planning and creativity, you can enjoy a delicious and satisfying meal in the great outdoors.

Making the Most of a Portable Kitchen

A portable kitchen can seem daunting when RV camping, but with the right meal planning, it can be an enjoyable experience. Here are some tips for making the most of your portable kitchen.

Keep It Simple

When making meals in a portable kitchen, it’s essential to keep it simple. Use ingredients that are easy to prepare and require minimal utensils to reduce clutter in your kitchen.

For example, you can try making a simple pasta dish with pre-made sauce and canned vegetables. Or, you can make a grilled cheese sandwich with pre-sliced cheese and bread.

Utilize the Great Outdoors

RV camping provides a great opportunity to utilize the great outdoors when cooking your meals. You can cook your meals on an open fire, use portable grills or electric skillets outside, and enjoy your meals with a fantastic view.

Try making a classic campfire meal like hot dogs or burgers. You can also grill some vegetables and enjoy a healthy side dish while taking in the beauty of nature.

Clean Up as You Go

Cleaning up as you go is essential when using a portable kitchen. A portable kitchen can get cluttered very quickly, so it’s essential to clean utensils and appliances after each use to avoid a mess and reduce the risk of accidents.

One way to make cleaning up easier is to use disposable plates and utensils. You can also bring a small bucket or basin to wash dishes outside and minimize the amount of water you use.

By following these tips, you can make the most of your portable kitchen and enjoy delicious meals while on the go. Happy camping!

Tips for Easy Food Preparation in an RV

Traveling in an RV is an adventure like no other. You get to explore the great outdoors, take in breathtaking views, and experience new cultures. However, one thing that can be challenging is preparing food in an RV kitchen. The limited space can make it difficult to cook and store food. But fear not. We have some tips to make food preparation easy and enjoyable!

Invest in Storage Containers

One of the biggest challenges of cooking in an RV is keeping your ingredients fresh and organized. That’s why investing in storage containers is a must. Airtight containers will help keep your food fresh and reduce the risk of spoilage. You can also use them to store leftovers and snacks. Plus, they come in different sizes and shapes, so you can find one that fits your RV kitchen perfectly.

Another great tip is to label your containers with the name and date of the food inside. This will help you keep track of what you have and when it needs to be used.

Bring Along Your Favorite Spices

Let’s face it, RV cooking can get boring without the right spices. That’s why it’s essential to bring along your favorite spices to add some flavor and depth to your meals. You can pre-mix your spices and carry them in small portable containers to save space. Some must-haves include salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, and chili powder. You can also experiment with different herbs and spices to add variety to your meals.

Another tip is to bring along some condiments such as ketchup, mustard, and hot sauce. They can add some extra flavor to your meals and make them more enjoyable.

Don’t Forget the Utensils and Paper Towels

When packing for your RV trip, it’s easy to forget the essential utensils and paper towels. But trust us; you don’t want to be caught without them. Ensure you carry utensils such as spoons, forks, and knives, and paper towels to keep your RV kitchen clean and hygienic.

Another tip is to bring along a cutting board and a sharp knife. They will make food preparation much more comfortable and efficient.

In conclusion, cooking in an RV can be challenging, but with the right tools and tips, it can also be enjoyable and delicious. So, invest in some storage containers, bring along your favorite spices, and don’t forget the utensils and paper towels. Happy cooking!

Lunch Ideas for RV Camping – Conclusion

Coming up with lunch ideas for RV camping may be one of the most annoying things, in my opinion. I hope this article helped you figure out what’s for lunch on your next RV camping trip.

With these lunch ideas and tips, you’re ready to enjoy delicious meals on the road using your RV kitchen. Enjoy!

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