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Is Septic Safe the Same as RV Safe Toilet Paper?

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Last Updated on March 14, 2023 by Jessica Lauren Vine

If you moved out of your house and into your RV and have septic safe toilet paper, you might be asking, “Is septic safe the same as RV safe toilet paper?”

No. Septic safe toilet paper and RV safe toilet paper are not the same.

The last thing you want to deal with is an RV blank tank that is caked with toilet paper. It does happen, and it is not pretty.

Now, let me say, that they pretty much do the same thing. However, with septic safe toilet paper, the companies try not to use bleach and other harmful chemicals that might cause problems in your septic tank.

So, what I’d take away from this is that you can use either septic safe toilet paper or RV toilet paper and still be okay. The one major difference is that you’ll keep more money in your wallet if you use septic safe toilet paper instead of using RV safe toilet paper.

Camco RV Toilet Paper
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Camco is a pretty well-known name so people in the recreational vehicle space feel confident buying their products.

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  • A bit too fragile
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Is Septic Safe the Same as RV Safe Toilet Paper? – Conclusion

Failing to use RV safe toilet paper in your RV could cause serious problems. It might cost a little extra to buy this toilet paper and it might not feel great when you use it. However, you’ll be glad you used it when you don’t have to deal with extra septic tank problems.

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