Is It Safe to Leave a Pet in an RV

Is It Safe to Leave a Pet in an RV?

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Last Updated on April 14, 2023 by Jessica Lauren Vine

Are you thinking about leaving your pet in an RV and are asking, “Is it safe to leave a pet in an RV?”

Our pets are our babies, and we want to make sure that they are safe and that we don’t have to worry about them. However, there are times that we do need to leave the RV, and we can’t take them with us—just like when we’re in sticks and bricks.

Yes. It is safe to leave a pet in an RV. As long as the air conditioning or heat is on and it is comfortable in the RV, and your pet does well when left alone, you should be fine.

Dangers of Leaving Your Pets Alone in an RV

There are things you need to think about before you run off and leave your pet alone in an RV. However, if you plan for these things, you can make sure you feel confident when you leave your pet home alone.

Temperatures Get Too Hot or Too Cold

If it’s super hot or super cold outside, you need to make sure the temperature inside is agreeable. Since RVs are not as insulated as houses, it can get really hot or really cold inside the RV pretty quickly.

You also need to keep in mind that if you’re hooked up to shore power, it could go out. Even if you left your pet inside and you thought everything was fine, things could go south very quickly.

One of the things you can do to make yourself feel a little better leaving your pets is to get a temperature checker that will alert you if anything is off in the RV.

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Making sure that your pet is within the green zone at all times and is not too hot or too cold will make you feel like the best pet mom or dad ever.

Your Pet Gets Restless

If your pet isn’t used to RV life, this could be something you really have to pay attention to unless you like coming back to a tossed RV. You might think that someone broke in and messed everything up but that’s not what happened. Your cat or dog went wild and slashed up the couches or tried to bite their way through the door.

Making sure your pet is nice and tired before you leave, well-fed, and has plenty of water can help you avoid having these problems.

Our dog never did well staying in the RV alone. He didn’t like it and he would not stay in a kennel. Finally, we did get a little bit of a bigger RV and he was okay with hanging out in there for a little bit, but not for very long at all.

Your Pet Makes Too Much Noise

If you have a dog that barks the whole time you’re gone or a cat that mews loudly, this could be a problem. This is especially true if you’re super close to your RV neighbors.

It can drive you nuts when you’re trying to enjoy your camping spot and all you hear the entire time is barking or mewing because the neighbor’s pet was so upset about how things were going in their lives.

Preparing to Leave Your Pets Alone in an RV

When you’re ready to leave your pet alone in an RV, the more you prepare them, the easier it will be. Before we went anywhere, we made sure our pup and cat were as comfortable as possible. The cat didn’t really mind being left alone there, but he was a little annoyed with the dog acting a fool.

Make Your Pet As Comfortable as Possible

We use these pet hemp chews to help our dog calm down when anything stressful takes place. If it’s storming or even raining or if we leave him alone in an RV, we give them to him, and it seems to help. We also make sure he can easily get to his bed and blanket so he’s cozy before we leave.

Tire Your Pet Out

A tired pet is a pet that is much less likely to get into trouble. Playing with your pet before you head out on a long trip makes things a lot easier. If you have a dog, take them out on a long walk. If you have a cat, you can use cat toys to play with them and allow them to wear themselves out a bit as you play with them.

Put the Television On Something Noisy

Campgrounds can be a little noisy, and if there isn’t anything else on for your pet to hear, they might be on high alert. Leaving a television show on that has dogs in it, or other wildlife can help them rest peacefully, thinking the noises outside are just coming from the television.

Pets and RVs Frequently Asked Questions

There are some important frequently asked questions about pets and RV that you might find helpful.

Can dogs ride in moving RVs?

Yes. Dogs can ride in moving RVs that aren’t tow-behind RVs.

Which pets are the best for RVers?

Dogs and cats are the most common pets for RVers.

Can you rent RVs if you have a pet?

Yes. There are pet-friendly RV rentals.

Is It Safe to Leave a Pet in an RV? – Conclusion

Now you know the answer to “Is it safe to leave a pet in an RV?” I don’t like leaving my pets in the RV for very long, but you’re not a bad pet parent if you do leave them alone for a while. Just make sure they have everything they need.

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