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Is It Legal to Walk Around in a Moving RV?

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Last Updated on May 17, 2022 by Jessica Lauren Vine

Having a drivable RV might make you feel free. You may ask, “Is it legal to walk around in a moving RV?” After all, the whole RV is available to you, so why not move around a little bit?

Most states have made walking around in a moving RV illegal. If you do find a state that says it is legal, you should shy away from doing this. Even if you don’t wreck, you could fall and get hurt if the driver has to swerve or hits a big bump.

Before heading out on an RV trip, it’s good to check any RV laws in the states that you’ll be driving. The best strategy is—if in doubt—don’t do it.

Not knowing the law usually won’t get you out of trouble. At least, it’s not legally supposed to, but some people do show mercy if they believe you truly didn’t know.

Most of the time, the reason people want to walk around in an RV is because they want to go to the bathroom. If that’s what you want to do, it’s easy enough to pull over for a few minutes so you can use the bathroom safely without worrying about a road mishap.

Walking Around in an RV Frequently Asked Questions

Can you pee in a moving RV?

Yes. You can pee in a moving RV, but it is safer to stop.

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Can you poop in a moving RV?

Yes. You can poop in a moving RV, but it is safer to stop.

Can you use the sink in a moving RV?

Yes. You can use the sink in a moving RV, but it is safer to stop.


Now you know more about whether you should walk around in a moving RV or not. Always be safe, and don’t let the RV trip turn into an RV disaster.

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