Is It Cheaper to RV or Stay in Hotels

Is It Cheaper to RV or Stay in Hotels?

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Last Updated on April 15, 2023 by Jessica Lauren Vine

If you’re thinking about RVing to save money, then you might be asking, “Is it cheaper to RV or stay in hotels?”

What I’m going to do is look up a couple of popular destinations and compare how much it would cost to stay in an RV vs staying in a hotel.

Keep in mind that when you read this, the pricing may be a little different, BUT you can see which one is most expensive and which one takes the cake in terms of least expensive for travelers. You should also keep in mind that there is added cost for fuel if you drive or pull an RV vs. driving a van, SUV, or car.

Another thing you’ll see is that I am going to compare hotels that are comparable to the type of RV park as well.

Kissimmee Florida KOA

This KOA is nice, and the RV spot I chose is a pull-through, so you don’t have to deal with all that back in business. $72.14 average a night isn’t bad, but keep in mind that is before taxes.

Embassy Suites by Hilton Orlando

This hotel is nice and not too far away from the RV park. However, the price is $160 per night. This is also before taxes and any other fees that might pop up.

Another thing I noticed is that you should really book well in advance with the RV parks because I had to go pretty far out so I could have dates that were available at both locations for the comparison.

Now we can go to another popular spot in America and see if these pricing differences are about the same or if Florida might just be a little wild on their hotel pricing.

Rancho Sedona RV Park

I could throw a rock and hit someone that wants to visit Sedona, so I figured this would be a good place to look. This spot is gorgeous and has all the fixin’s. You’re looking at paying $111 per night, though. Let’s see how that stacks up against a hotel in the area.

Orchards Inn Sedona

This is a gorgeous spot that I wouldn’t mind staying at and comparable to the RV spot in Sedona, but you’ll put out $239 per night plus any taxes and fees to stay there.

Cost of RVing vs. Staying in Hotels

If you plan on traveling a lot, then having an RV can really help you cut down on the cost of visiting some of your favorite locations. If we look at these two locations alone, you’re saving around $100 per day that you could use to do something else.

When you’re at a destination, it’s unlikely that you’ll stay in the hotel all of the time, so why would you want to put out so much money? Staying in an RV can really help you keep your budget under control vs. staying in a hotel.

You can do your own research, and you’ll find something very similar in the areas where you want to visit.

Pricing for More People

Another thing that is a pro for RVing is that you can have more than four people in your “room” when you’re RVing.

Some RV parks do charge you to have more than a certain number of people. However, you would never have to get another RV spot.

This can be especially expensive for big families. For instance, when we were RVing with six people and a dog, and a cat, staying at a hotel would have been expensive. And since we had pets, it may have also been impossible depending on what the hotels in the area offered.

The Cost of Your RV

Before we close this out, I need to address the big price tag in the room. The cost of your RV.

You do have to factor in how much you will pay for your RV, but once you finish paying it off, that’s it. You will have maintenance and other expenses, but even if hotel prices skyrocket, you still have your RV.

Beyond the cost, you really have to think about which type of vacation you’d like the most. These are two very different experiences, and people usually like one or the other better.

I really like this video from a couple of full time RVers, and I think it would help you too so that you can check that out.

Frequently Asked Questions about RVing vs Hotels

Do RVs save you money?

RVs can save you money, but it really depends on how and how much you use them.

How can you stay in an RV for cheap?

If you boondock or stay at campsites that are a little less fancy, these are good ways to stay in RVs cheap.

Is living in an RV worth it?

Yes. If you want to travel and see America, it’s totally worth it to try out the RV lifestyle.

Is It Cheaper to RV or Stay in Hotels? – Conclusion

Now you have some information that can help you choose what you want to do to see the country—or even the world.

Are you going to be an RV traveler or maybe a hotel hopper? Hopefully, this article helped you compare RV living vs. hotel living a bit so you can make the right choice for you.

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