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Is Boondocking Safe?

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Last Updated on August 14, 2022 by Jessica Lauren Vine

If you’re thinking about boondocking, you might be asking, “Is boondocking safe?”

Boondocking is safe. Though it might seem a little weird to be out away from a city, you’re much less likely to experience anything negative out in the wild.

Keep in mind that you should always practice basic safety like not leaving food out to attract wildlife. Wildlife is wild and you should always respect their space because you’re in their home when you’re out in nature boondocking.

Boondocking means you’ll be in a place where crime isn’t a problem. There aren’t robbers looking for remote areas to steal things from campers. It’s much easier to steal things from a storage area or a house that is vacant. They don’t want to deal with campers in the wild.

You might find a campsite that is remote where you can boondock or you might go out to parks and public land. If you go out west, it’s much easier to find cool places to boondock.

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