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Is an RV Extended Warranty Worth It?

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Last Updated on May 19, 2022 by Jessica Lauren Vine

You want to save yourself money on repairs and you’re asking, “Is an RV extended warranty worth it?” There are some instances that RV warranties are worth it but not everyone should put the money out for it.

Yes. An RV extended warranty is worth it if you plan on taking your RV to shops or having mobile repair shops fix things. No. An RV extended warranty isn’t worth it if you plan on doing your own repairs.

What Is an RV Extended Warranty?

An RV extended warranty is meant to cover important repairs after the factory warranty runs out. Keep in mind that not all RV warranties are created equal.

Most RV extended warranties cover parts, labor, and diagnostics needed to get your RV back on the road. This is only for things the RV extended warranty says it covers. Make sure to read the full list to see if what you’re dealing with is on the list.

Keep in mind that these warranties will state contractually that they will not cover weather, accidents, or physical damage. To be covered in those areas, you need proper insurance for that—not an RV extended warranty.

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Why You Should Never Buy an RV Extended Warranty

I think that extended warranties are a waste of money in most cases. When they do really make sense is when you aren’t a great saver. If you can’t save enough money to “self insure” so you can fix things when they arise, then that might be a good idea.

However, if you know how to save and budget for unexpected repairs, RV extended warranties aren’t the best way to spend your money.

I do have to say that not all purchases are logical, though. If you feel better because you have this coverage and it can give you some peace of mind, then go for it. But if you’re being logical, in my humble opinion, you should never buy an RV extended warranty.

RV Extended Warranty Frequently Asked Questions

You might have some other questions about RV extended warranties. Here are some questions and answers that can help.

Is Good Sam Extended Warranty Worth It?

Good Sam is one of the most trusted names in the RV world. If you’re going to buy an extended warranty, you can feel confident with this company’s product.

Are RV extended warranties negotiable?

Yes. As with most things related to RVs and vehicles in general, RV extended warranties are negotiable in most cases.

Is an RV Extended Warranty Worth It? – Conclusion

Now you have my two cents on whether an RV extended warranty is worth it or not. You have to make the decision for your personal situation but I’ve given you some things to chew over.

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