How to Manage Dog Hair in an RV

How to Manage Dog Hair in an RV

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If you’re like me, your dog loves to shed. We had to learn how to manage dog hair in an RV to keep our sanity. I will give you some tips that will help you decrease dog hair in your small space.

How to Keep Your Dog from Shedding So Much

If you want to reduce dog hair in your RV, the best way to start is to keep your dog from shedding so much. No matter how much I pet or brushed my pup, he kept shedding everywhere. These tips can help you keep your dog from shedding even if it doesn’t stop it all the way. And when you live in a small space, a slight change makes a big difference.

1. Check What Your Dog Eats

If you feed your dog human food, this is an excellent place to start, or should I say stop? Stop feeding your dog human food. Not only does it give your dog gas, but it could also cause your dog to shed more.

Instead of feeding your dog human food or other food that might not agree with them, try food like Purina Pro Plan Adult Sensitive Skin & Stomach Dog Food.

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Giving your dogs the proper nutrition can help reduce your dog’s shedding.

2. Keep Your Dog Hydrated

It’s easy for your dog to get excited to go out and play whenever you’re an RV family. However, if your dog isn’t getting enough water, this could add to your shedding problem.

If you’re out hiking and worried your dog is thirsty, you can take something handy like this portable water bottle for dogs to remedy the situation.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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3. Bathe Your Dog With Quality Dog Shampoo

There are shampoos that can help your dog with their shedding problem. You have to give them a bath anyway, why not use the good shampoo?

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Make Dog Hair Clean Up Easier

1. Use Lint Rollers on Your Dog

After you brush your dog, it’s time to take the lint roller to them. Sure, you can use the lint roller on your clothes, but why not take it straight to the source of the hair? Using a lint roller on your dog won’t hurt them, and it can be really effective. Just do it whenever you think about it, and this can help reduce the amount of hair the gets all over your RV.

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2. Use Tape on Your Carpet

The glue on the tape will stick to the hair in your carpet and pull it right out. Make sure you try this on a small part of your carpet. If it doesn’t do well then stop doing it but it shouldn’t hurt your carpet if it’s the normal type of RV carpet.

If you’ve used your RV for any period of time, you’ll likely need to brush your carpet back and forth to get underneath the areas that you’ve already stepped to death and pushed down. You can use whatever type of tape you want to use to do this, but the sturdier the tape, the more it will pull.

3. Put Blankets Over Your Pet’s Most Frequented Areas

Almost every pet has their favorite place. When you see where your pet’s favorite place is, get them a comfortable blanket to hang out with. You can find some nice blankets for dogs that are waterproof, and that help you keep dog hair where it belongs—not on your things.

After a little while, take the blanket to the laundry and get the hair off that blanket. It’s really nice because you can keep the hair on something you plan on regularly cleaning instead of having to pick hairs out of your couch.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Conclusion – How to Manage Dog Hair in an RV

Dealing with hair from your fur baby can be really frustrating. However, as pet parents, that’s something we have to learn to live with. Using the tips above, you can reduce the hair that gets all over the place and speed up your clean-up time, but the hair won’t just disappear.

How to Manage Dog Hair in an RV

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Written by Jessica Lauren Vine

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