How to Light Your Furrion RV Oven

How to Light a Furrion RV Oven

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Last Updated on March 14, 2023 by Jessica Lauren Vine

Learning how to light a Furrion RV oven is easy, and you’re in the right place. We had two RVs with Furrion ovens, and they are absolutely great.

Lighting Your Furrion RV Oven

Before you start lighting your cooktop or your actual oven, you need to make sure your propane is turned all the way on. Go to the area where you turn your propane on and make sure it’s all the way open, or you’re going to try to light it, and nothing will happen. Nothing will happen if your propane is all used up either—so check that as well.

Lighting Your Furrion Cooktop Burner

Once you have your propane on and you made sure you have plenty of propane, it’s time to select a burner to turn on. You simply turn the burner knob to the flame icon and prepare to light the burner of your choice.

After the propane is running, you use the lighter knob and click it over to the fire icon, and it will automatically light the flame for your Furrion cooktop burner.

Lighting Your (Actual) Furrion Oven

Before you start trying to light your oven, keep in mind that it doesn’t light as quickly as your cooktop. You might think something is wrong because you’ve tried for ten to twenty seconds, and it still isn’t doing anything.

Sometimes it could take more like sixty seconds before the oven gets going. Yes, this might be a little annoying, but if you keep at it, you’ll get it.

Now that you know that:

  1. Open your oven
  2. Turn the oven knob to the fire icon
  3. Hold the knob in for thirty to sixty seconds
  4. After thirty seconds, give it a try by turning the lighter knob, and if it doesn’t work right away, then wait for the rest of the thirty seconds

Video about How to Light an RV Oven

How to Light a Furrion RV Oven – Conclusion

Yes, you might be kicking yourself because you tried to light your Furrion oven for a long time and couldn’t figure it out with all the Furrion oven troubleshooting in the world. The good news is that you now know what you’re doing, and you can happily enjoy your RV’s oven without scraping through the Furrion oven manual.

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  1. Thank you so much, you just saved us a lot of trouble and very likely money too!!

    1. Jessica Lauren Vine

      Hey, Scott. So glad that we were able to help you figure out how to light your Furrion oven. Happy camping!

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