How to Decorate an RV for Christmas

How to Decorate an RV for Christmas 2024

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Last Updated on March 31, 2024 by Jessica Lauren Vine

Learning how to decorate an RV for Christmas can make you feel like you’re at home no matter where you are.

Some people start decorating for Christmas the day after Halloween. Others patiently wait until the leftovers are put away on Thanksgiving, and others are running out to the drug store on Dec 23rd to find their tree. However and whenever you choose to decorate your RV, your holiday decor should be a reflection of your family, your style, and your travel adventures.

If you’re looking for some RV Christmas decor ideas, check out these fun and festive ways to transform your small space in a big way.

The Tree

One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make when learning how to decorate an RV for Christmas is about the tree. If you’ve always done the biggest and tallest Christmas trees in your sticks and bricks home, you may have to make some changes when finding the right tree for your RV.


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Measure the ceilings in your RV to find out the maximum height for your Christmas tree, and don’t forget to consider the width of the RV door. You have to be able to get the tree through the door! Some RV owners choose to downsize their Christmas tree and get a mini-tree that sits perfectly on the dinette or the kitchen counter. 

Many RV owners opt for a fake tree, to eliminate the constant cleaning of pine needles and the need to buy a new tree every year. Either way, the Christmas tree is the focal point of the RV during the Christmas season.

When it comes to decorating the tree as you learn how to decorate an RV for Christmas, every family has its own unique traditions and style. Some families collect Christmas ornaments on their travels and deck the tree out in ornaments that represent their travels. Others prefer to stick to a consistent color theme, while some make homemade ornaments that represent their family. Then there are the decisions that come with lights on the Christmas tree: white or multi-colored? Small bulbs or those bright and bold chunky lights? 

RVers are good at getting creative and maximizing small spaces, which is why some RV families choose to forgo the traditional Christmas tree and replace it with something a little more creative and modern. That is a pretty cool idea when you’re learning how to decorate an RV for Christmas.


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There is no right or wrong Christmas tree for an RV. All that matters is that it brings you joy when you walk in the house and it gets you in the holiday spirit. 

The Lights

Once the tree is up, it’s time to untangle the ball of Christmas lights and decorate the inside of the RV. Classic white string lights around the front door, across the tops of the slides, or over the kitchen windows can add a warm, Christmas-y glow to the space.

A string of lights in the bunkhouse or draped across the ceiling of the RV is a simple touch that makes a big difference. If you want to get a little more creative as you learn how to decorate an RV for Christmas, RV-themed lights can add a touch of color and character to a space. And for those who want to get a little crafty this Christmas season, a mason jar, some paint, and some straight light can make adorable, DIY Christmas decor.


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Just remember that your RV probably has fewer outlets than a traditional house, so you may have to get creative with placement when you’re learning how to decorate an RV for Christmas (and not blow a fuse!)

Here are some tips for hanging Christmas lights in your RV:

  • Use magnetic light clips to hang rope lights around your RV
  • Create a path from the front of your site to your front door with rope lights, lighted candy canes, or Christmas lights hung on yard stakes
  • If allowed, hang net lights on shrubs and trees around your RV.  
  • Hang icicle lights from your awning 
  • Plug 12 volt LED lights into your cigarette lighter and let your truck windshield glow

The Outside

If you travel frequently, you’ll need to put extra thought into how you decorate the outside of your RV for Christmas. If you’re moving every couple of days, you don’t want elaborate decorations that take a lot of time and effort to put up and down. Some ideas for RVers who move around a lot during the Christmas season include

  • Yard signs
  • Lighted yard decorations
  • Inflatables
  • Door decor 
  • Wreaths

If you are staying put for a while, you may have more options when it comes to decorating the outside of your RV for Christmas. If you put lights on your awning, make sure they’re easy to take down in case you have to bring your awning in during a storm. Here are some ultra-cute ways to decorate the outside of your RV for the holidays:


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Seasonal Decor

You don’t need much to transform your RV into a holiday space, and sometimes it’s the simple touches that really make a difference. If you’re crafty, you can paint signs or create custom wreaths to get into the holiday spirit.

If you’re not crafty, consider supporting a small business or a local artist to help you come up with some handmade seasonal decor to spruce up your RV. Holiday-themed accent pillows, rugs, curtains, and tabletop decor can be the finishing touches for your holiday decorating plans. Some other cute and inexpensive Christmas decorating ideas include:

  • Wrapping wall art and pictures in wrapping paper to make them look like gifts
  • Adding holiday-themed decals to the walls
  • Replace your everyday linens with Christmas-themed sheets and bedding
  • Tape Christmas cards to your kitchen cabinets, accented with ribbon or garland
  • Hang stockings above the fireplace or above a window
  • Buy holiday artwork to hang on the walls
  • Write holiday messages on a chalkboard or felt board letter sign
  • Hang holiday kitchen towels 
  • Put Christmas wall decals on the wall

And believe it or not, you can get a lot of these decor items at the dollar store. Don’t forget to get a big plastic bin (with a lid) so you can store these holiday items, and they won’t take up valuable space in your rig throughout the year. 

Consider getting together with other families near you for a craft night and create DIY crafts to display in your RV. Depending on your time, budget, and crafting skill level, you can combine a fun night with neighbors with a little creativity to create one-of-a-kind Christmas decor for your camper. 

 If you have kids, arrange a crafting playdate where they can create things like:

  • DIY hot cocoa kits
  • Pinecone Christmas trees
  • Snowflake ornaments
  • No-sew sock snowmen
  • Tea light snowman ornaments

Candles and Incense

Decorating for Christmas should involve all of the senses, so you can’t forget about including traditional Christmas aromas into your decorating plans. Light candles that remind you of the Christmas season, like pine, apple cider, or cinnamon.

If you don’t like the idea of candles burning in your RV, make homemade stovetop or slow-cooker potpourri, incensed oil candles, or perfumed pinecones. It doesn’t take much to have your whole RV smelling like Christmas, and this small detail can transform the entire space. 

Holiday Events

When you’re in holiday-prep mode, it can be fun to think of different social events that can bring the holiday season to your rig. If you’re in an RV park with neighbors, invite some people over for S’mores around a fire pit, or invest in a projector and show a Christmas movie!

You could host a holiday cookie decorating party or encourage your neighbors to donate to a toy drive. If you’re in a more secluded space (or just don’t feel like socializing), play some Christmas music while you bake or decorate to bring Christmas into your camper. 

There are many ways to decorate your RV for Christmas, and how you choose to do it depends on your traditions, your space, and your lifestyle. Just because you’re spending the holidays in a small home on wheels doesn’t mean you can’t go all-out when it comes to Christmas decorating. You may have less space to work with, and you may have to get creative, but you can absolutely turn your RV into a holiday home that even Santa would be proud of.


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How to Decorate an RV for Christmas – Conclusion

Learning how to decorate an RV for Christmas can really make things feel a lot homier so that you aren’t home sick if you’re out traveling. The above tips are pretty simple, and you can put your own spin on things. I always think it is a good idea to get the whole family involved and really have some fun with it.

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