How to Buy a Used RV Out of State

How to Buy a Used RV Out of State in 2024

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Last Updated on March 31, 2024 by Jessica Lauren Vine

If you want to know how to buy a used RV out of state, you either want to save money or you found a used RV that you want but it’s out of your own state.

You can buy a used RV out of state the same way you’d buy a used RV in your state. That’s by speaking to the seller, agreeing on a sales price, paying the sales price, and getting the title from the seller. Keep in mind that some states may have agreements with other states to allow the state in which you reside to collect taxes on the purchase.

Reasons You Might Want to Buy an RV Out of State

Buying an RV out of state can be an extra hassle, but there are reasons you might want to go through the hassle and buy a used RV out of state.

Better Deals

My residence is in Tennessee, but for whatever reason, Georgia really loves to sell RVs and cars for a lot less than people and businesses here. If you know, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know too.

So, whenever it comes time to buy an RV or other vehicle, a lot of people from Tennessee look for deals in Georgia. Some people also said that their credit scrutiny is a little less intensive, so that might also be something that plays a role in why people go there to get a used RV or another vehicle.

If you do find a better deal out of state, don’t immediately think it’s a great idea to buy it.

You also have to think about the time it takes you to travel to get the vehicle. You might also need someone to go with you to help you through the process. If it’s really far, it can be helpful to have a driving buddy or someone to keep you company.

Hard to Find RVs

If you have a specific RV in mind and you can’t find it in your local area, you might want to expand your RV search area.

Not being able to find a specific RV in your area is one of the most popular reasons people travel out of state to purchase a used RV. Keep in mind that some scammers might know there are a lot of people looking for that type of RV and put fake listings up online. You have to be very careful, especially if you’re dealing with a private seller. We’d all like to believe that everyone in the world is fair and honest, but that simply isn’t the case.

I’m not trying to discourage you from buying the used RV you want from an out-of-state seller. I just want you to be careful when you do.

How to Have a Smooth Transaction When Buying a Used RV Out of State

I want you to get the best RV for you, and sometimes that means a used RV. A new RV might not be in your budget or they might not make the RV that you want anymore. Whatever the case, there are some things you can do to make sure your RV buying experience is a good one.

Video Chat with the Seller

Video chatting with the used RV seller can help put you more at ease. Few scammers want to show their faces on camera. If you find people that don’t want to talk on the phone or get on video, you might want to pass them up and find someone else that is willing to help put your mind at ease.

Do Not Skip the RV Inspection

If people want you to buy their used RV as-is without an inspection, you should run. People shouldn’t have a problem with a reputable RV inspector looking the RV over. Honestly, I would have my own inspector look over any RV I bought, new or used, if I was buying an RV again. There are too many things that could be wrong, and the last thing you want is to have something malfunction when you’re on your first camping trip.

RV inspections don’t cost as much as it would cost if you had to repair something major right off the bat. New RVs have warranties, but when you buy a used RV out of state, there isn’t a warranty to back you up.

Calculate All the Costs Correctly

If you’re not great with numbers, that’s ok. You just need to talk to someone that is great with numbers so they can help you calculate everything.

If you plan on going to pick the RV up, you need to calculate all the costs related to that. If you want someone to deliver the RV to you, you need to calculate all of the costs with that.

When you can find an RV in your own state, it’s so much easier, so if you can—do it. Otherwise, be prepared for a lot of work when you buy an RV out of state.

How to Buy a Used RV Out of State Frequently Asked Questions

There are some frequently asked questions people have when they go to buy a used RV out of state, and we hope these answers help you.

How do taxes work when buying a used RV out of state?

Each state can have a different tax relationship with the state in which you live. For instance, Ohio has a deal with Tennessee that they won’t collect tax there, so you pay Tennessee tax on your purchase, even though you bought it in Ohio. Make sure to check on this before you buy because this can make a big difference.

Can I get my used RV delivered when I buy out of state?

Yes. Even if you buy from a private seller, there are companies you can pay to deliver your RV to you. Make sure to check around for pricing before committing to any particular company.

Is it cheaper to travel out of state to get my used RV or have it delivered?

Getting your RV delivered is often the least expensive option when you calculate time, fuel, and frustration into the mix.


Now you have a good idea about what it is like to buy a used RV out of state. Now that you know how to buy a used RV out of state, you can figure out if it is the right option for you or if you’d rather try to find something closer to where you are.

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