How Many Miles Does a Motorhome Engine Last

How Many Miles Does a Motorhome Engine Last? 2024 Answer

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Last Updated on April 1, 2024 by Jessica Lauren Vine

If you want to buy a motorhome that has miles on it, you might ask, “How many miles does a motorhome engine last?” That’s a great question because you don’t want to buy a motorhome that is on its last leg. That would really stink.

A diesel motorhome engine will almost always last over 300,000 miles if you keep up the maintenance and don’t drive it like a mad person. On the other hand, a gas motorhome engine is a little lower at around 200,000 miles. So, make sure you check which type of fuel the engine takes before you jump into your next big purchase.

Buying a Used Motorhome

Besides looking at the mileage the motorhome has, consider the history of the motorhome. For instance, if it was a one-owner motorhome with a responsible owner, it like has fewer problems than a motorhome that had a bunch of drivers. Some of those people might not have known what they were doing and could have caused problems with the motorhome that you wouldn’t even think to look for until something goes wrong.

Test drive the motorhome, have it inspected, and don’t purchase something purely off emotion. If your gut tells you it’s a bad deal and there are warning signs—run.

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