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How Important Is Leveling Your RV?

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Last Updated on March 14, 2023 by Jessica Lauren Vine

How important is leveling your RV anyway?

You get into camp, and you’re super tired from a long trip. Do you really need to level it?

You get into camp, and you’re only staying a couple of days. Do you really need to level it?

Yes. You need to level your RV no matter how long you plan on being somewhere, and leveling your RV is very important.

Common Problems Caused By Failing to Level Your RV

The more unlevel your RV is, the worse these problems can become and the more likely they are to happen, so be careful. Taking the time to level your RV can save you tons of time, effort, energy, and money when it comes to RV repairs.

Bending the Frame

Failing to level your RV could bend your RV’s frame. When it comes to “How important is leveling your RV?” if you bend the frame, the part where it is bent will never be the same. Metal fatigue is a real thing, and the part that bends will never be the same, so you have to be careful. You may even consider reinforcing that part of the frame so that you can keep it from getting worse.

If you want to fix your bent frame, instead of going to an RV repair person, you might want to seek out a frame expert. They’ll know whether they can help or not and what the best course of action is to make sure your RV is as safe and stable as possible.

Messing Up the RV Slide Out

The cost to repair an RV slide out is not cheap. If your frame bends near the slide out due to improper leveling or if the slide out goes out and makes matters worse, you might end up with a slide out stuck in place and unable to go anywhere.

Depending on what all needs to get fixed, you could pay up to around $5,000. If you’re lucky, it might not be that expensive, but it’s better to be careful and make sure you fix the frame before you put your RV slide out into position.

Leaks Around Your RV Slide Out

Due to the misalignment of your slide due to the lack of leveling, it could break the seal between your RV and the slide out. If that’s the case, you might find that water comes right in as if you’re funneling it right into your RV. Leaks around your RV slide out can lead to major problems.

You don’t want to get mold and mildew in your RV, and you don’t want anything to rot. Just trying to sell an RV with a soft floor. It’s not happening.

Incorrect Reading on Tank Sensors

If you rely on your tank sensors, you’ll have a big problem to deal with because they’ll be off all of the time. I suppose you could just adjust for how much you know it’s off due to the lean, but that’s not the best strategy.

Messing Up Your Propane Fridge

Keep in mind that if your RV is too unlevel, it can cause big problems. If your RV is off too much and your fridge is running off propane, it could cause major problems, and you might have to do something known as burping your RV fridge.

Your RV fridge could overheat and suffer serious damage and cause problems with other parts of your RV. Make sure to switch it to electric or turn it off if you’ll be unlevel, but it’s best to just take the time to level your RV.

RV Leveling Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my RV stabilizers as leveling jacks?

No. Your stabilizers on your RV should barely touch the ground.

Should I buy leveling blocks to help stabilize my RV?

Yes. Leveling blocks can be a lifesaver.

Is my RV shaking because it isn’t level?

Not being level can make your RV shake some, but you really need to stabilize it to reduce your RV’s shaking.

How Important Is Leveling Your RV? – Conclusion

Now you know the answer to “How important is leveling your RV?” Now might be the time to buy an RV level or some stabilizing jacks or something similar so you can avoid an unlevel and destabilized RV.

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