How Do I Maintain the Outside of My RV?

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Last Updated on April 15, 2023 by Jessica Lauren Vine

You’ve spent a pretty penny on your RV, and now you’re asking, “How do I maintain the outside of My RV?”

The last thing you want to do when trying to figure out “How do I maintain the outside of my RV? is to use harmful chemicals that cause issues with your exterior. This could mean costly repairs, or if you don’t feel like putting out too much money, you might just suffer with an RV that is less than perfect looking.

To maintain the outside of your RV, it’s best to keep a list of important tasks and when you should do them so you can maintain the outside of your RV without accidentally forgetting something important.

Important Things You Need to Maintain the Outside of Your RV

There are some basic things you can get that you’ll need when you are maintaining the outside of your RV. Here is a list of helpful things that you can grab so you will be ready the next time you need to do RV maintenance tasks.

Wash and Wax Your RV

Yes, I know that washing and waxing an RV can be a big task, but it’s an important one if you want to keep your RV looking its best. Using a good RV cleaner and wax along with a washing mitt or mop is simple, and it makes a big impact. If you put an RV that was the same age with the same sun exposure side by side with an RV that had been washed and waxed as recommended, you would be able to tell the difference after a few years.

When you’re a weekend camper, most people recommend washing your RV each time you take it out. When you’re living in it full time, that likely isn’t going to happen.

I know when we were RVing, we only stayed in the same spot for a couple of weeks or maybe three weeks. Washing it every time we moved really didn’t happen. Honestly, we could have done a lot better job with our RV cleaning.

Pay Special Attention to Your RV Awning

Your awning isn’t as tough as you might think it is. It’s out in the sun all of the time, and it seems like it’s holding up just fine. It probably is, but that won’t last forever.

Make sure to clean your RV awning to get any debris and dirt off it. However, before you put it up, make sure it is nice and dry. If you put your RV awning up while it’s still wet, that doesn’t do your RV any favors.

If you put your RV awning up while it is wet, you might find mold and mildew hanging out on your RV awning. It’s pretty gross and will be an additional cleaning task for you.

Keep Your RV Under Cover

When you’re living in your RV full time, you probably don’t need a cover. However, if you do decide to go somewhere else and leave the RV sitting, you should cover it. You can either buy an RV cover, or you can put it in covered storage. The less sun exposure your RV gets, the better it is for your RV’s exterior.

While wax does help keep your RV’s exterior looking good, it won’t protect your RV forever.

Another type of cover to think about are RV tire covers. Some people say they don’t work or help, but I like keeping my RV as safe as possible, so I would recommend getting RV tire covers to protect your tires from the sun.

Check and Condition RV Seals

If your RV has slideouts, it’s easy for those seals around the slides to crack. When your RV slide cracks, that means you might have to deal with leaks around your slideouts. Which is not something you want to deal with when you’re answering the question, “How do I maintain the outside of my RV?”

Using a conditioner on your RV gaskets and seals makes a big difference in how long they last before they start causing any sort of problems.

RV Exterior Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some other common questions you might have related to the question, “How do I maintain the outside of my RV?”

How often should I clean my RV?

Ideally, cleaning your RV after every RV trip is a good idea.

How do I keep my RV from fading?

You can keep your RV from fading by minimizing sun exposure and always waxing it.

Should I use RV covers?

Yes. If you plan on leaving the RV for a long time.

How Do I Maintain the Outside of My RV? – Conclusion

Now you have some ideas about how to maintain the outside of your RV. If you keep on top of the exterior maintenance tasks, you should have a nice-looking RV for quite a while.

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2 thoughts on “How Do I Maintain the Outside of My RV?”

  1. Shammy Peterson

    I liked that you mentioned that waxing your RV could ensure that it won’t fade right away as it minimizes sun exposure. My brother mentioned the other night over dinner that he is planning to have his RV remodeled by a professional later this month, and it is important for him to keep its exterior in a good shape for a long time. I will share your blog with him so he can do your tips and properly care for his RV.

    1. Jessica Lauren Vine


      Hi there. That’s exciting about your brother’s RV. I hope that he really likes his remodel. Keeping the RV exterior nice will definitely be important when you have so much invested on the inside as well. 🙂

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