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Can You Sleep in an RV While Driving?

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Last Updated on May 16, 2022 by Jessica Lauren Vine

If you’re driving late at night, you might be tired and asking, “Can you sleep in an RV while driving?” Of course, I know you don’t mean you want to sleep while you drive. I know you mean you want to know if you can go sleep in the back of the RV while someone else drives.

You can sleep in an RV while driving. However, the RV I am talking about is not the pull-behind type. I’m talking about a class A, B, or C RV. Some states it is illegal to be up out of your seat unbuckled, but it isn’t in others. Even so, it’s not safe to try to lie down because an accident could prove fatal.

The Best Way to Sleep in an RV While Driving

If you want to sleep in an RV while driving, you can. However, you need to stay buckled up. You can do some things that can help you be more comfortable.

  • Get a good neck pillow
  • Make sure the temperature is nice
  • Wear light blockers
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Should I Sleep in an RV While Someone Else Is Driving?

Sleeping in the passenger seat or in another seat that was designed for you to sit in it while driving is fine. There is nothing wrong with catching some zzzs while the driver gets you to your destination.

Keep in mind that if you are tired, the driver might be tired as well, so make sure everyone is safe before nodding off.

Sleeping in an RV While Driving Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions about sleeping in a moving RV can help clear things up.

Is it legal to move around an RV while driving?

Yes. In many states, you can get up and move around the RV if you need to but it’s not generally recommended. Laws around this may change, so always check the state where you’re traveling.

Do you have to wear seat belts while riding in an RV?

Yes. You must obey seat belt laws while riding in an RV.

Conclusion about Sleeping in an RV While Driving

So, now you know that you can get some sleep in an RV, as long as you stay buckled in. Things aren’t as unsafe as when I was a kid, riding in the back of a car or van across the seat or even on the floor.

Stay safe and stay buckled while you’re sleeping in the RV.

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