Can You Manually Push In an RV Slide Out

Can You Manually Push In an RV Slide Out?

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Last Updated on April 14, 2023 by Jessica Lauren Vine

Do you wonder, “Can you manually push in an RV slide out?”

If your slide out doesn’t want to come in when you push the buttons, knowing how to make it come in without the normal way of making it come in is essential. Imagine getting stuck at an RV park because your slide outs won’t come in the way they’re supposed to come in.

Yes. You can manually push in the RV slide out. You need to find the slide out motor by looking at the owner’s manual to find its location. Remove the brake assembly from the motor with a screwdriver. Use the crank extension and attach the crank handle to the crank extension or use a wrench to turn it by hand to extend or retract the slide out.

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Putting Your RV Slide Out In Manually

If you thought you could just push your RV slide out in with brute force, then that’s a big no. However, if you use the method above, you’ll be able to get your slide outs in. There are plenty of times I worried about a situation when we couldn’t get our slide outs in. In fact, our battery died once, and we couldn’t get our slide out to go out. We didn’t know about this, though, so we were stuck.

However, during that time, we were super unlevel, and I didn’t want to chance opening our slide outs anyway. What a mess and a half. Right?

For those of you that aren’t super techy or handy, like us, you might want to have a professional come to help you get this taken care of. It’s a real mess if you aren’t able to put your brake assembly back on the motor so your slide outs can work as they were meant to work without being in manual mode.

Any time that you do something like this, please be careful. And always consult a professional.

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  1. Removing the slide out from your RV may take less time with 4 simple steps. 1.Remove Everything From Your RV Slide Out
    2. Provide Necessary Support for your Slide Out
    3. Get Rid of the Horseshoe Fitting
    4. Detach the Fastener That Holds the Slide Out to the Rams

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