Can You Leave Your Dog Unattended in an RV at a Campground

Can You Leave Your Dog Unattended in an RV at a Campground?

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Last Updated on March 14, 2023 by Jessica Lauren Vine

When you want to go out without pets, you might be asking, “Can you leave your dog unattended in an RV at a campground?”

Dog daycare can get expensive, and if your dog is anything like ours, they don’t like strangers or unfamiliar places, but on the other hand, there are risks to leaving your pet alone in an RV—depending on the dog. However, I haven’t seen any campground with rules that say you can’t leave your dog alone in your RV.

Yes. You can leave your dog unattended in your RV at a campground.

Now let’s look at some of the things you have to think about, and I’ll tell you a bit of our story, so you can make your own decision on whether this is right for you.

Risks of Leaving Your Dog Alone in Your RV

  • They could tear up your RV
  • They could hurt themselves
  • They could get out of your RV
  • They could get too hot

Even if your dog is normally well-behaved, if something spooks them, they might act out. Your couch, bed, or screen door is likely to be the subject of your dog’s outburst, so keep that in mind before you make your decision on whether or not to leave your dog alone.

Another thing to think about is that your dog could hurt themselves if they get frantic. They might try chewing their way out of the RV—and some succeed.

Can Your Dog Break Out of Your RV?

Yes. Your dog can break out of your RV.

Well, at least our dog broke out of our RV. At the time, we had an RV that had a window near the bed, and you just had to pull it to the side. He literally opened the window and jumped out. We were just gone for a little bit, but he was outside the RV confused about where we were when we came back.

This dog mama was terrified, but we didn’t leave him alone in that RV again. This wasn’t too long after we started full-time RVing, so he was still getting used to how things were on the road.

One of the times Patton got off the leash, he ran and fell in the river at the campground, and my husband, Joe, had to fish him out before he washed downstream.

If your dog is a little more on the wild side, you might want to say no to the question, “Can you leave your dog unattended in an RV at a campground?”

Honestly, RVing with Patton wasn’t the best experience because we hadn’t really trained him for these situations. So, before you hit the road RVing, make sure to train your dog for different situations, and it will make your life a lot easier.

Another thing to think about when leaving your dog alone in the RV is that it might overheat in the summer. Even if you have the air conditioner on, your pets could literally cook inside your RV if the power goes off for some reason. Thankfully, there are ways to make it safer for your dog to stay alone in the RV if their temperament allows it.

Is There a Way to Make It Safer to Leave Your Dog Alone in an RV?

Yes. You can buy an RV pet temperature monitor. This is a great thing to do if you’re searching for the answer to “Can you leave your dog unattended in an RV at a campground?”

Keeping Your Dog Safe with an RV Pet Temperature Monitor

If you buy one of these, keep in mind that you will need to be in an area that gets cell service. That’s the only way it can alert you if something is going wrong.

Another thing to remember is that if you’re too far away and it’s very hot, this might not be enough. Some people put plaques in their RV windows saying to break their glass and rescue their dogs if the electricity goes off for too long.

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An RV pet temperature monitor can put your mind at ease, so I think it’s a good investment. If our dog had allowed us to leave him alone, that’s what we would have gotten, but we didn’t really go places and leave him alone because he hated it so much.

Best Practices for Leaving Your Dog Alone in Your RV

Before feeling confident in your yes to the question, “Can you leave your dog unattended in an RV at a campground?” and leaving your dog alone in your RV, make sure they get used to it first. You don’t want to freak your dog out by leaving them alone the first time you go out camping. They might think you left them for good and they shouldn’t be there, so they want to break out.

Campgrounds can be noisy and irritating to dogs, so leaving on the television or even putting on a sound machine can help you have something to keep them from feeling all alone or from noticing too many sounds going on outside.

Giving them a comfortable spot that they are used to is another good idea when you plan on leaving them alone in the RV for a little while. It’s important that you feel confident in your answer to “Can you leave your dog unattended in an RV at a campground?”

If you made friends with someone at the RV park that will be home while you’re away, you could also ask if your dog barked at all while you were gone. If they did, that’s a sign that they might not be an ideal candidate for leaving them alone while you go out.

Can You Leave Your Dog Unattended in an RV at a Campground? – Conclusion

Now you know more about how to leave your dog alone in your RV and whether it’s a good idea. However, you may have some other questions about other topics.

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