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Can I Use Toilet Bowl Cleaner in an RV?

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Last Updated on June 28, 2022 by Jessica Lauren Vine

Are you wondering, “Can I use toilet bowl cleaner in an RV?”

The worst thing that can happen when you live in an RV full time or even camp on the weekends is to have a dirty and stinky RV toilet. Don’t be so fast to reach for the toilet bowl cleaner though.

Using toilet bowl cleaner in your RV toilet can damage your toilet bowl as well as the toilet’s valve, seal, and black tank. Avoiding harsh cleaners is the best way to protect your RV’s waste system.

Using Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Some people do opt to use toilet bowl cleaner in their RVs but I don’t recommend it. Instead, use a cleaner that is RV specific if you want to have a clean toilet bowl without hurting your toilet or the rest of the waste system.

Unique RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner and Black Holding Tank Enhancer Liquid

"Works great! Eliminates odors and keeps our RV toilet clean as we work our way across the country, living full time on the road. It was important to me to find a natural way to keep it clean and to not interfere with the “good bugs” we use as our tank treatment. Overall, an effective collection of products. Highly recommended." - KRM

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Keep in mind that you shouldn’t just clean your RV’s toilet bowl. If you really want to make sure it doesn’t stink, you need to make sure to use a treatment on your RV’s black tank.

When we had issues with smells, it was because we didn’t use a good black tank treatment. They aren’t very expensive but they make all the difference when you’re trying to enjoy your RV.

Camco TST Ultra-Concentrated Orange Citrus Scent RV Toilet Treatment Drop-Ins

This will help you avoid the nastiness and smell you might be experiencing from your RV.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
08/04/2022 02:46 am GMT

Wrapping Up Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Now you know a little bit more about whether or not you should use toilet bowl cleaner on your RV’s toilet bowl. I’d just avoid harsh house toilet cleaners totally, but if you do it, just keep an eye on your tanks.

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