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Best RV Water Hose – 2024 Top Options

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Last Updated on March 31, 2024 by Jessica Lauren Vine

When you go camping in an RV, you’re forced to leave behind many of the modern conveniences you’re used to living with. However, running water is one thing that you should never have to live without. Luckily, most campgrounds will have water spigots that you can connect to your RV through the use of a water hose

The key to having consistent and reliable water is having a trustworthy RV water hose. There are a number of different types and sizes of hose to choose from, and many of them have different features. However, if you’re serious about making the most of your camping experiences, having one of the best RV water hoses on the market is a must. 

If you’re in the market for a new water hose for your RV, camper, or travel trailer, you’ve come to the right place. This article will look at a few of the best water hoses on the market as well as how to make the right choice. 

Do You Need a Special Water Hose for Your RV?

When you’re drinking water from the hose coming into your RV, you do need a special water hose for that drinking water. When you find the best RV water hose, you’ll see it is made out of different materials than a regular water hose you’d use in your backyard. The materials drinking-safe RV water hoses are made of will keep you from getting sick using the other type of water hose.

How to Choose the Best RV Water Hose 

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Before you can choose the best water hose for your RV, it’s important to know what qualities to look for in a hose. Contrary to what many people think, not all hoses are created equal. There’s a reason that water hoses have a wide price range, and it usually has to do with the material the hose is made of and its overall quality and durability. Here are the seven things to consider when purchasing an RV water hose


The first thing to think about with a water hose is its durability. Water hoses aren’t the most expensive item you’ll have to purchase while RVing, but it starts to add up if you have to replace your hose every couple of weeks. In regards to durability, rubber is the material you should look for in a water hose

Cleanliness and Safety 

It’s important to make sure the water hose you’re planning to purchase is meant for drinking and consumption. This is vital because many of the water hoses at your local RV store or hardware store are meant for flushing or gardening and aren’t actually approved for drinking. 


How long should an RV water hose be?

Your water hose isn’t going to do a whole lot of good if it isn’t long enough to reach from your RV to the water hookup. Unfortunately, all campgrounds are different, and the distance you’ll have to stretch your hose isn’t always the same. To be on the safe side, you should look for a hose between 25 and 40 feet long. 


The diameter of the hose will determine how high the water pressure is when water reaches your RV. Before making your choice, you should inspect the hookup on your RV to determine what size hookup you’ll need. You can always get an adapter, but it’s easiest if you get the right size hose from the get-go. 

Kink Vs. Non-Kink 

Having a non-kinking hose isn’t a requirement, but it sure is nice. Non-kink hoses are usually more flexible than other types of hoses, and they often take less storage space. However, they’re also more expensive than normal hoses, so make sure you have room in your budget for one. 


Finally, your budget will play a big factor in your final decision. RV water hoses can cost anywhere from $15 to over $100, depending on the quality and material of the hose. Remember, you’re going to have quite a few expenses for your RV accessories, so spend your money wisely. 

The Best RV Water Hoses on the Market

Here is my breakdown of the best RV water hoses on the market.

Best Overall RV Water Hose

If you’re all about quality and don’t care about price, this is a great option for you.

Camco 50ft Premium Drinking Water Hose
$43.21 ($0.86 / Foot)
  • Lead Free
  • Anti-Kink Design
  • 20% Thicker Than Standard Hoses (5/8"Inside Diameter)
  • Heavy duty
  • Doesn't contain lead
  • UV stabilized
  • Tastes like plastic after a while
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03/30/2024 06:42 am GMT

No matter which “best RV water hose” blog you look at, there’s a good chance that the Camco Premium Drinking Water Hose will be at the top of the list. Camco is one of the industry leaders when it comes to RV accessories, and their water hoses are no different. It’s available in 25’, 35’, and 50’ lengths and in several different diameter sizes. 

The Camco water hose is made of premium rubber and is 20% thicker than most of its competitors. It’s designed for durability and practicality, as it’s non-kinking and surprisingly flexible. To ensure maximum safety, this hose is also BPA-free and doesn’t contain lead or other heavy metals. Additionally, the hose is UV-resistant for sun protection. 

Runner Up for Best RV Water Hose

If you want another option when it comes to RV water hoses, then check this next hose out.

Teknor Apex NeverKink Water Hose
$33.20 $30.75
  • Drinking Water Safe Hose,
  • 1/2-Inch by 25-Feet
  • Drink water without worrying
  • Doesn't kink easily
  • Easy to attach to the faucet
  • Soft walls
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03/30/2024 06:34 am GMT

Teknor is a brand that isn’t quite as popular as Camco, but they’re very reliable and have a reputation for producing quality but affordable products. The Teknor Apex Never Kink hose is designed specifically to be anti-kink, no matter how badly you use and abuse it. This hose has the ability to resist tangles and twists that other hoses are prone to. 

It’s available in a variety of diameters and lengths, but the 25’ ½” is the most popular choice. The Teknor is made of anti-microbial rubber, which makes it safe for drinking and one of the best overall RV water hoses on the market. It’s also great for storage because of how tightly you can wrap this hose up. 

Best Budget-Friendly RV Water Hose

If you don’t want to spend too much money, here is a good water hose option for your RV.

AquaJoe RV Water Hose
$21.99 ($0.88 / Foot)
  • Non-Expanding
  • Kink-Free Garden
  • 25-Foot x 5/8-Inch
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Drinking water safe
  • Less durable than many
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03/29/2024 10:34 pm GMT

Neither of the water hoses we’ve looked at are overly expensive, but they typically cost between $30 and $40. If you want to spend $20 or less on your water hose, check out the Aqua Joe Pro. The Aqua Joe Pro is a nifty little water hose that’s made of rubber but is extremely flexible and malleable. It takes up very little storage space but can be prone to kinking if you’re not careful. 

While the Aqua Joe Pro isn’t perfect, it’s easily the best $20 water hose that you can buy for your RV. Its flexibility and versatility make it an excellent option, and it meets all the necessary FDA standards to be deemed safe for drinking water. It’s also very lightweight and is available in anywhere from 25’ to 100’ lengths. 

Best Premium RV Water Hose

If you want a premium RV water hose, this is a great option.

Gilmour Drinking Water Safe Hose
  • 5/8 Inch x 25 Feet
  • Drinking water safe
  • A little pricey
  • Some people reported the hose did not last long
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If you’ve got plenty of money in your budget and feel like splurging on a premium water hose, look no further than the Gilmour Marine and Recreation hose. This hose costs nearly twice as much as many of the other hoses on this list, but for a good reason. It’s built for durability and is meant to last infinitely longer than the average hose. 

For added durability, there are five different layers of materials that go into the hose’s construction. This extra thickness also makes it capable of handling up to 300 psi, which is more than enough for most campgrounds. Additionally, users of this hose have nothing but good things to say about the easy-to-use connectors. 

Best Heated RV Water Hose

If you’re going to be in a cold climate, you need to make sure you have a good heated water hose.

NoFreeze Water Hose

Wide range of hoses available from the NoFreeze brand. For waste, drinking water and more.

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  • No burning
  • No breaking
  • No freezing
  • No bursting
  • Comes with a hefty price tag
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If you’re planning on doing some camping during the fall, winter, or spring months, you’ll need a hose that doesn’t freeze. While you have the option of wrapping any water hose with special tape or insulation to keep it from freezing, the NoFreeze Water Hose will do that all on its own. In fact, it’s designed to handle temperatures down to -30 degrees Fahrenheit, which is probably way colder than anything you’ll ever camp in. 

The NoFreeze Water Hose is completely safe for drinking and consumption and is by far the most durable anti-freeze water hose on the market. It’s made in the USA by a business that’s family owned and operated and is designed with military-grade materials. No matter what kind of weather you plan to get into, the NoFreeze Water Hose will keep a steady stream of water flowing to your RV.  

Are RV Water Hoses Worth the Cost?

When you see the cost of owning the best RV water hose selections, you might be balking at the price. Trust me, though, you don’t want to drink water from a hose that could be funneling harmful chemicals into your body.

Getting a really good RV water hose will also help you keep from replacing it every year due to bad design.

Best RV Water Hose Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions you might have when you’re looking into buying the best RV water hose for your RV.

How often should you replace your RV water hose?

If you take care of your RV water hose well, you might not have to replace it for years. Keep it stored away when you aren’t using it so sun or cold don’t damage it.

Should you carry more than one RV water hose?

It’s great to have a spare water hose in case something happens. If you’re out camping and your water hose stops working, it could put a kink in your RV trip. Pun intended.

Do RV water hoses freeze?

Yes. RV water hoses most definitely freeze. We were camping in some pretty cold climates and it caused some problems when we were first starting out. You can buy a heated RV water hose, wrap it in insulation or put a heating cable down the line to avoid a frozen RV water hose.

Best RV Water Hose Conclusion

There are a lot of different directions you can go when picking your best RV water hose. You can be cheap and plan on replacing it every so often, or you can go all-out on a $250 hose that you can use year-round and probably for the rest of your life. Which hose you purchase and how much you spend on it is up to you. Just make sure to choose one that’s safe for drinking, fits your budget, and will keep your RV supplied with water. Happy camping!

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