Best RV Size for National Parks

Best RV Size for National Parks

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Last Updated on April 15, 2023 by Jessica Lauren Vine

If you want to stay inside national parks, there are some limits. Figuring out the best RV size for national parks might be a good idea for you if that’s one of the main spots you want to hang out.

Keep in mind that you can stay in RV parks that are right outside of national parks and often don’t have limits, so you can still have your big rig and enjoy these beautiful spots. However, a lot of people would rather be inside and really enjoy the national parks without the need to go in and out of them.

The best RV size for national parks is 19 feet and below because almost all national parks can fit you into one of their spots. If you simply don’t want to go that short, then 25-30 feet work at a lot of the national parks but not as many.

Checking Your RV Length

Before you look at your RV paperwork and think that you can fit into the spot in the national park, hold up.

When we got both of our RVs, we found out that the length they said the RV was wasn’t actually the length of the RV. It was shorter than what they said when we were buying the RV as far as the living space. So, measure your RV and see how long it really is, or you might find yourself in an awkward situation at the national park.

The Smaller, the Better

If you want to fit into all of the national parks in America, then getting the smallest RV you can is the best bet. Some people fit into some pretty small spaces that you might not think is possible. When you’re booking your national park campsite, you’ll be able to see how small you have to be on their size limits disclaimer.

If you can fit into an RV that is 12 feet, you won’t have a problem getting into any of the national park spots where you can enjoy the beauty of some of the coolest places on Earth.

Always Book in Advance

The longer your RV, the more worry you should have about whether you can get into the national park to stay overnight. Calm your nerves and give them a call to book your reservation. You might be surprised at just how long in advance you need to book to ensure that you get the spot you want.

Even some small state parks have wild waitlists, so don’t assume that the perfect RV spot will be there if you just wing it. Some people make it work, but that’s not in my personality.

Best RV Size for National Parks – Conclusion

Now you know what the best RV size for national parks is. How small do you want to go to make sure you can fit in your favorite spot? Feel free to let me know in the comment.

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