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Best RV Patio Mats Every RVer Should See (2022)

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Last Updated on May 22, 2022 by Jessica Lauren Vine

Finding the best RV patio mats should be at the top of every RVer’s list. Having the extra space an RV patio mat gives you makes a big difference in the enjoyability of your camping spot.

Before we had a patio mat, it was more difficult to put our chairs out without having ants crawling up our legs. When we camped in sandy areas, we would always track sand into the RV—it was really annoying.

After getting a great RV patio mat, we were able to cut down on all of those annoyances and really enjoy the time under our awning.

My Top Picks

What I Look For in Great RV Patio Mats

Not all RV patio mats are created equal. Some of them are difficult to clean, others start falling apart quickly—and some are just ugly. So, the criteria I used are:

  • High-quality material
  • Easy to clean
  • Attractive pattern
  • Easy to fold & store

I’ve given you my top picks above, but I’m going to give you some more that you can pick through that are categorized in a way that will make it easy for you to pick which one is best for you.

Best Colorful RV Patio Mats

BalajeesUSA RV Patio Mats – Multi-Color (Other options available). This mat is reversible, made from plastic thin straws, easy to fold, and easy to clean and maintain. I really like the multi-color option but there are some other cool, colorful patterns as well.


  • Easy to clean
  • Foldable
  • Reversible


  • Color is not woven in – paint will chip with extreme wear

Trava Home Store RV Patio Mats – Teal (Other options available). This mat is water-resistant, easy to clean, reversible, and has a cool modern design. The teal color looks great with the design but the other colors look great as well.


  • Reversible
  • Modern design
  • Vibrant color
  • UV protected


  • Color may look a bit off in photos

Best Less Colorful RV Patio Mats

SAND MINE store RV Patio Mats – Grey Arrow Design. This mat is reversible with an appealing but plain design that won’t go out of style before your mat’s life runs out.


  • Reversible
  • High-quality material
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to pack


  • Snags easy

Brown & Dark Brown RV Patio Mat. This mat is very lightweight and easily staked down to keep it from blowing away in a breeze. The color and pattern don’t take away from the natural beauty around you when RVing.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Visually pleasing
  • Good on multiple terrains


  • “Dents” easily

Best Reversible RV Patio Mats

Stylish Camping Reversible RV Patio Mat – Blue/Grey. This mat is reversible and comes with a carry bag so you can tote it around on all your RV trips without worrying about any stowaway sand or other debris getting all over your stuff.


  • Reversible
  • Nice design
  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • Breathable material


  • May separate due to wear and tear

SAND MINE Reversible RV Patio Mat – Black/Grey. This mat is reversible and high-quality, easy to clean, and has UV stabilization to protect from fading and other sun damage.


  • Reversible
  • Nice design
  • High-quality material
  • Easy to clean
  • UV protected


  • Some customers reported small defects

RV Patio Mats Frequently Asked Questions

Before you buy, you might have some questions and I’m going to do my best to answer your RV patio mat questions here.

Are RV patio mats necessary?

No. You don’t have to have an RV patio mat for your outdoor space, but it does make it feel homier.

How do you clean an RV patio mat?

Taking warm soapy water to your RV patio mat is usually the best way to clean them. If you just have some sand on it, you can simply use a broom.

Can RV patio mats be left out in the rain?

Yes. You can leave your RV patio mat out in the rain. Keep in mind that the more wear and tear your mat gets, the more it will wear and tear.

Best RV Patio Mat – Conclusion

Now you know a bit more on the topic before you purchase the best RV patio mat for you. Though my top picks are this Stylish Camping RV Patio Mat, this RV Patio Mat, and this Stylish Camping RV Patio Mat, you may find some of the others in the list more to your liking.

Whichever one you choose, I’m sure it’s going to look great at your campsite. Before you run off to prepare for your new patio mat, stick around and check out the rest of our RV-related articles.

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