Best RV for Working Remotely – 3 Top RVs for Remote Work

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Last Updated on March 21, 2023 by Jessica Lauren Vine

It’s time to hit the road, and you’re not retired. Finding the best RV for working remotely can make all the difference in how well you do while you’re traveling. If you don’t have the proper work environment, it can drive you crazy, and you’ll see your productivity plummet.

The best RV for remote work will vary depending on whether you travel solo, as a couple, or if you have a family, so I will break down those ideas so you can easily see which ones could work best for your situation.

My Top Pick for the Best RV for Working Remotely

If you want to slice through all the noise, here’s my top pick for the best RV for working remotely.

Open Range 371 MBH

The Open Range 371 MBH is a beauty. I love that it has its own office space so you can put your stuff in there and not worry about it. If you have kids, there is still a bunk overtop where they can go to sleep, but this gives you some separation which makes it really easy to get work done and get back to enjoying RV life.



OF371MBH Specs

Best RVs to Work Remotely When You’re Solo

If it’s just you, you can get away with some pretty small spaces. It makes it a lot easier on you when you’re traveling if you don’t have to have a lot of space, but you need enough to get your work done.

1. Nest Office Vans

Nest office vans might just be the coolest thing I’ve seen when it comes to a mobile workstation. They put all the goodies together in a small package, but you should keep in mind that these goodies come with quite the price tag.

You’re looking at over $100k for one of these, but let me tell you all the cool stuff about them.

Nest Office Van

Where the table is turns into a queen-size bed, so you have plenty of room to work during the day, but you aren’t hurting for space when it comes time to sleep.

Cool things Nest Vans come with:

  • Onboard cell signal boosters
  • Self-charing power station
  • 360-degree standing desk
  • Hidden toilet
Nest Van

Two people that really like each other could even make it work in this small space.


Winnebago Revel Specs

Best RV for Remote Work for Couples

While you could make a smaller space work for two people, here is what I’d pick if it were just hubby and me. It gives you enough space to move around and not bump into each other.

2. Winnebago Revel

Winnebago Revel

There’s plenty of room in this class B RV. The Winnebago Revel has a lot of neat little hidden goodies to it, like the Nest Van, but it’s a lot bigger and might be better for couples that need a little bit of space.

Cool things this Winnebago Revel comes with:

  • Glide couches
  • Plenty of storage
  • Rotating seats

You can work at this little table from the seat you see here or twist the driver’s seat around and work at it there. There are plenty of options for you.

Winnebago Revel Interior

This is a perfect RV for a couple that wants to get out and explore and have some space to themselves as well.


Winnebago Revel Specs

Best RV for Working Remotely for Families

Now, let’s look a little more at my dream RV workspace. Keep in mind that I would have kids in this office area, so it wouldn’t work out as well for me, but if you have a couple of young kids that can sleep in the loft, it would be great.

3. Open Range Luxury Fifth Wheel OF 371 MBH

OF371MBH exterior

This Open Range luxury fifth wheel is a beauty and starts at around $100k, which is about the same as the Nest Van, but you get a lot more space.

This OF371MBH RV has plenty of space, and your family won’t feel like they’re tripping all over each other.

Cool things this Open Range luxury fifth wheel OF371MBH has:

  • Mid bunk/office areas with opposing slides for extra space
  • Opposing slides in the living room and kitchen area, as well
  • Great outdoor kitchen
  • Nice size shower
OF371MBH interior

As you can see, this is a beautiful RV that is truly mindblowing with the space you get. No matter how big your family is, you could make this RV work for a great workspace.


OF371MBH Specs

What Class of RV Is Best for Working Remotely?

Best rv for working remotely showing kids at the table working

The right RV class to work from remotely really depends on your needs. As I showed above, there are some different options that can work whether you’re a single person, a couple or if you’re traveling with your family.

Pop-up campers and other small campers are easy to navigate and can be really cozy for those of you that don’t need or want a lot of room.

Travel trailers and fifth wheels often have desks or table space (like in our photo above) which makes it easy for you to work from your computer.

Class B and Class C RVs give you even more options and room. Sometimes they’ll have multiple tables for working depending on the length of the RV.

Class As and toy haulers really give you a lot of room. Some even have separate rooms that you can use as your office. To be fair, there are also some fifth wheels that are doing this as well but there aren’t a lot of them.

What Makes a Good RV Office

The only thing that I really need when it comes to a good RV office is a good place to set my laptop and get to work. Sometimes moving to the bed and relaxing a little bit is also nice. You can easily have multiple work stations so you can change things up. Some people say don’t do that or you’re going to “confuse your body” with your work station and when to sleep but I’ve never had that problem.

Set up your work station as close to the WiFi as possible too so that you can get the best signal.

Another thing that I enjoyed doing was working outside of the RV and enjoying whatever view I had. Or when we had a good view from inside, I would just sit near the window of choice.

What to Look for When Purchasing an RV for Doing Remote Work

When you start looking at RVs that allow you to do your work from a remote location, there are certain features that will greatly help you when you work remotely. There isn’t a single specific RV that will hit all of these points, but most will have some of these options. Find the ones that make the most sense to you, and go for it.

1) Work Style & Work Station Setup

Not everyone will like working in the same type of setting. Some people like working with a traditional desk, but other people might opt to hangout outdoors in a hammock under the camper awning. You’ve got to see what works best for you.

If you need more of a traditional setup, then you’re looking at a motorhome or a similar larger RV that will work for your needs and give you more desk space when you stop your travel schedule to get some work done. Having a desk can help out with productivity if that’s how you’re used to working. If you change things up too much when you convert to traveling in an RV, you might lose productivity.

2) Check Your Tech – Have Solid Power Sources & Plenty of Outlets

Having plenty of outlets and ways to plug in and get a charge is essential when you’ve got your work setup in your RV. Working remotely in an RV can be very difficult if you don’t have your power source figured out.

Figure out what tech you need when you’re working from your RV. Whether you bring a laptop or a desktop, you still have to think about how you’re going to power these power-loving electricity hogs in your rig.

3) Mobile Internet and Staying Connected

Most RVs make it easy to attach some sort of booster to the exterior so you can get a solid internet signal, but some make it easier than others. You might find that you can get WiFi at some campgrounds, but that internet hasn’t been great in my experience. And even if it is terrible, you’ll find most of the campgrounds charge for it.

You can usually find routers that you can use to get your internet signal, but those take even more electricity. You should also think about all of the room these things will take up. Make sure the RV has plenty of storage so you can stow all of the tech items you have to connect to your work world.

4) Privacy

It can be really difficult to get work done if you’re out in the open and everyone is running around you. Working remotely from an RV is supposed to be enjoyable, but it doesn’t always turn out that way when you can’t focus.

If you can stow away and get some work done without anyone bothering you, it makes it a lot easier for you to finish your work quicker and have more time to do other things you want to be doing.

5) Proper Lighting

Not all areas of an RV are lighted equally. You need to find an area that has lights that are bright enough to keep you awake. If you can’t see, it’s also easy for you to strain your eyes and cause yourself problems that aren’t necessary at all.

Try finding a space in your RV that lets you switch from natural light to indoor RV lighting.

Tips for Setting Up Your RV’s Remote Workstation

As you’re setting up so you can start working remotely in an RV, here are some helpful tips for your RV’s workstation so you can get the most out of the time you’re working and not exploring.

  • Avoid working from bed. If you work from bed, you’ll have pretty terrible posture, and it will also make it more difficult for you to sleep since you’ll associate your bed with work.
  • Think about putting solar on your RV so you can always power up your office setup—even when you don’t have shore power.
  • Don’t skimp on your internet situation. Upgrading your internet and finding the best RV internet options makes all the difference.
  • Set up your RV’s office, so you have a view of the great outdoors. You are RVing, after all, so you don’t want to make sure you get to see the view as much as possible?

Working Remotely in an RV Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions you might wonder about when you’re thinking about working in your RV remotely.

What’s the most important thing I should look for in an RV when working remotely?

A comfortable and ergonomic place to work.

Can I get WiFi access when I’m not in the city?

Depending on the location and your setup, you could possibly still get internet when you’re out camping away from the city.

Can I still be productive while working in an RV?

Yes. You can definitely be productive when working in an RV. I did it for 2.5 years, and my business grew vs. shrank.

Best RV for Working Remotely – Conclusion

Now you’ve got some good ideas for the best RV for working remotely, whether you’re solo, part of a couple, or the whole family is along for the ride. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what your favorite or wish RV is for working remotely.

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