Best Inverter Generator for RV

Best Inverter Generator for RV – Guide & Reviews with 5 Top Picks for 2024

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Last Updated on March 31, 2024 by Jessica Lauren Vine

Searching for the best inverter generator for RV life can be quite the task, but it can be worth it.

When you use an inverter generator instead of a traditional generator, you’ll probably notice it is a lot quieter. Most of them are more compact and lightweight as well, which makes it a lot easier for you to transport and transition them when you’re ready to hit the road in the RV.

We’ll go through a list of the best inverter generator for RV, but I’ll put my top pick here.

RV Idiots' Top Pick
Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator with Electric Start

This generator saved us from burning due to lack of air conditioning or not being able to cook quite a few times. Works great.

  • Nice run time
  • Dual-fuel
  • Great brand name
  • Lightweight enough for the watts
  • Parallel capable
  • Not totally budget-friendly
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How We Got Our Top Pick for Best Inverter Generator for RV

As someone that full time RVed and had to depend on a generator at times when the power in the RV parks went out, I decided on this top pick but dependability, ease of use, and function when it comes to the best inverter generator for RV. I wanted to make sure that my generator wouldn’t crap out on me when I needed it most, that we could actually use it, and that it would do what we needed it to do. We checked the features, read review after review, and we used it ourselves—and loved it!

My Story with My Generator Pick

I bought this generator at an RV shop because we were on the road traveling, and getting it shipped wasn’t an option, but they have some good deals on Amazon.

I chose to buy this generator because of how many happy customers I saw. In fact, my husband talked to a neighbor at the RV park that had one, and his glowing recommendation made us make the final decision on this one.

My husband also has a bad back, so the fact that it has wheels and an electric start is really helpful. The dual-fuel was another thing that was attractive to us because we wanted to have the option for both in case it was easier to get gas or propane in certain places we went.

We went boondocking with our friends for 3 nights one time, and it was a total lifesaver. We didn’t have a full-on solar setup like they did, so we would have been out of luck.

The fact that it could run for 7.5 hours on gas and up to 14.5 hours on propane made us really like it as well. I never had any trouble with it, and it didn’t disturb people too much since it’s pretty quiet.

Why Buy an Inverter Generator Over a Normal Generator?

If the generator you choose has enough power to do the job – you’re golden. Either an inverter generator or a normal generator can run whatever you need to run as long as it can put out the wattage.

So, why would you buy an inverter generator instead of a traditional generator? The best inverter generator for RV is clearly better than buying a non-inverter generator but why?

Power quality is one of the main reasons you should go with an inverter generator. When you have clean power, you protect your more sensitive devices. For instance, your phones and laptops that you want to plug in and power.

The best inverter generators for RV usually are much quieter than their counterparts. If you have a generator that is too loud, it can really put a damper on your RV trip.

You might be asking, “Do I need an inverter generator?” The answer is that it’s up to you and what you’ll use it for. If you want cleaner and quieter energy, then I’d say the answer is yes. You need to find the best inverter generator for RV.

You can also see how many watts you need by using this simple wattage calculator.

Best Inverter Generators for RVers

On top of our top pick, here are our picks for the best inverter generators for RVers.

Honda 663520 EU2200i
  • 2,200 Watt
  • Co-Minder
  • Trustworthy brand
  • Advanced carbon monoxide detection system
  • Connects to app with Bluetooth
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Bluetooth connection can be glitchy
  • Only uses gas for fuel
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03/30/2024 06:59 am GMT

If you don’t have a large load to run, then this little Honda inverter generator could be a good match. It’s under 50 pounds so it doesn’t really need the wheel kit.

This generator puts out 2,200 watts and is so fuel-efficient that it can run up to 8 hours on less than a gallon of gas. Compact and fuel-efficient for the win.

Another great thing about this best inverter generator for RV is that it is pretty quiet. It only operates at 48 to 57 dBA, so you would be able to have a conversation without feeling frustrated.

Customers love this Honda inverter generator and say it starts up right away, which makes it easy to get the power you need without getting tired and impatient. There is also a mobile app that gives you the ability to see the draw as well as to check maintenance windows.

Champion Open Frame Inverter
$1,603.00 $1,049.31
  • DH Series Open Frame Inverter
  • Wireless Remote Start
  • 4,000 Watt
  • Quieter than many
  • Lighter than many
  • Runs a long time
  • Pricier than some
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03/31/2024 05:45 am GMT

This Champion Power Equipment inverter generator is a pretty big generator with an open frame. You get a lot of power with this and it lasts long. Keep in mind that it does operate on gas only, but with its eco-mode, you could run it up to 17 hours without refueling.

It’s easy to use any appliances you want all at the same time in your RV when you’re connected to this generator. I remember when we tried to use a less-than-enough generator to power our RV, and it just ended up that we couldn’t do what we wanted to.

You can easily use the remote start on this generator instead of using the manual pull start or the push-start button. Instead of having to go out in a storm to start the generator, you can do it safely—while sheltered.

Keep in mind that this best inverter generator for RV is about 100 pounds, but it does have a wheel kit. And if you need even more power, you can wheel it beside another one because it is parallel capable.

With the massive power you get from this bad boy, you will get pretty much sound. This is especially true since it’s an open frame design.

WEN GN400i 4000-Watt Open Frame Inverter Generator
$432.25 $402.79
  • CARB Compliant
  • Budget-friendly
  • Plenty of power
  • Parallel capability
  • Overload protection
  • Quality brand
  • Small fuel tank
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03/31/2024 02:43 pm GMT

You might notice that this generator puts out a little bit more noise since it does have an open frame design. However, since it is an inverter generator that does mean it won’t be as loud as a traditional generator with an open frame.

One of the things you might not like about it is that the inverter generator only runs for about 7 hours because it has a small gas tank. You can save some of the fuel and increase the run time by putting it into eco-mode. Another option to get more power and time is to use the parallel capability.

The WEN inverter generator has overload protection that can come in handy. If you plug your generator in and it isn’t safe, it will shut off so it doesn’t damage anything.

The inverter generator comes with USB ports that make it easy for you to charge your phone or headset.

Generac 7129 GP3000i Inverter Generator
  • 36.3 lbs
  • Quiet and neighbor-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • PowerRush technology
  • Easy to use
  • Parallel capable
  • Does not come with an RV adapter
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You have to use the pull-start, but it’s not very hard. Most people that use it say it starts after 1 to 2 tries pulling.

A cool thing about this generator is its PowerRush technology. With this technology, you can get 50% more starting capacity which means you get double the startup power that you’d have without it.

When you’re looking for the best inverter generator for RV, this should definitely be on the list.

RV Inverter Generator Buying Guide

Now that you know a bit more about the top RV inverter generators I would pick, let me give you some key information that will allow you to weigh the other options you might come across.

RV Inverter Generator Power

Before you decide which RV inverter generator you need, you should consider how much power you need. We have a wattage calculator you can use to see how much wattage you need when you buy a generator, but here are some things to consider.

Think about how many appliances you plan on running at once. I would never recommend trying to have everything going at one time, but there are times when you will want to run the coffee pot and have the air conditioner going. Just be careful because you might overload your circuit breaker.

Your air conditioner is pretty much the biggest thing that is going to take power, though. This is especially true when it starts up. The starting watts on your AC can really mess things up, so make sure you time your AC start if you plan on having other energy drainers going as well.

A small inverter generator for RV usage might not be enough if you plan on running a lot on it. If there are more than two adults, you’re likely going to need at least a medium inverter generator.

Inverter Generator for RV Fuel Type

Almost all generators you find run on gasoline, but there are some that can run on both gasoline and propane. I really like the dual fuel option because you can decide which way you like to fuel your inverter generator best.

Depending on gas prices and propane prices, you might decide to fuel it with one at one point and another at another point. I personally liked propane because we already used it for our RV, so we could just switch out the bottles if we needed to, and it made things a lot easier for us.

Fuel Tank Size of RV Inverter Generator

If you’re using propane, you can just buy whatever size you want. However, when it comes to the gasoline tank, it will be a set size. Most of the time, a larger fuel tank will mean your generator can last longer. But you also have to think about how much of a load you put on it. So, don’t put so much pressure on your fuel tank size.

If you want to make sure your inverter generator is easy to tote around, I wouldn’t recommend getting one with too big of a fuel tank.

Inverter Generator’s Parallel Capability

If you do ever figure out that you need more juice when you’re out with your RV, you might decide that you want to hook your inverter generator up to another one. You have to make sure that your model has parallel capability, though.

Most connector kits are sold separately, but once the generators are connected, they can provide a nice little punch of power for whatever job you need to get done.

You might need to go parallel to get something like your RV’s air conditioner started if you went with a smaller generator.

Noise Level of RV Inverter Generator

If you can stay away from inverter generators that are really loud, that will be super helpful. Your campground neighbors will thank you, and there are some generators that are pretty darn quiet. Well, at least, when you think about what they are and what they are doing, that is.

Inverter generators are much quieter than generators used to be. And they’re still quiet compared to generators of today because of their design.

Look at how many decibels the generator label says it is. You should also look and see how much load they say it is at when they claim it will be that many decibels. If you put a larger load on your inverter generator, you’re looking at more noise.

Generally, a quiet generator or inverter generator is considered one that is running at 60 decibels or below.

Ease of Portability for RV Inverter Generator

You’re trying to get this thing to go places, and you don’t want to have an inverter generator that isn’t easily portable.

I don’t know about you, but lugging around a heavy generator doesn’t seem very portable to me. Thankfully, my husband can get the larger generators moved, but that isn’t always an option for everyone. You need to know your limits as far as how much weight you want to lug around and how large you want the generator to be.

However, an inverter generator with wheels and a ramp can help you get even some big boys up in the back of the truck if needed.

Warranty Length and Type for Inverter Generator for RV

Generators can be a little pricey, so looking at the warranty the company offers is important. If an issue arises, some warranties will say that they will allow you to get a replacement for a certain amount of time. Other warranties will say that you can get your inverter generator fixed or parts replaced.

Just make sure you check the terms, including the length of the warranty.

Best Inverter Generator for RV Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some important, frequently asked questions you can’t miss when you’re talking about inverter generators.

Where can I buy an inverter generator?

You can buy an inverter generator at any camping store, online on a store like Amazon or another camping website.

Should I buy an inverter generator?

Yes. If you want clean power you can confidently charge your phone and computer with, then yes.

Are there inverter generators under $1,000

Yes. You can find a lot of high-quality inverter generators under $1,000

Best Inverter Generator for RV – The Bottom Line

Now that you know a little bit more about inverter generators, you’ve probably spotted a couple that could be what you need. Even though there are a lot of great inverter generators, I decided on the Champion dual-fuel generator.

It’s been really good to me, and I would recommend it to my friends and family. If you like dual-fuel, quiet running, and a good run time then you will probably like this generator as well.

You might notice that it’s a little on the pricier side, but I think it’s worth it for the quality of the product we got and how well it operated. When it’s running, it never gives any problems, and since it’s so quiet, we haven’t gotten any complaints. This is what I’d recommend if it’s within your budget.

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