Thomas Blaha

Thomas Blaha is a long-time RV travel and camping enthusiast. His family of 6 started RVing in 2011 and in 2017 they sold almost everything they owned to travel the country full time in their 37-foot travel trailer. Over the course of two years, they saw 43 of the 50 states and 22 national parks. From standing atop Cadillac Mountain in the great state of Maine to scooting across the waters of the Everglades in Florida, they've seen some amazing sights. With his experience of the highs and lows of RV life, he is more than able to help newbies and veteran RVers navigate the many challenges that come with life on the road. His current rig is a 2017 Sporttrek 327VIK bunkhouse travel trailer.

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Can Hitting a Curb Damage RV Tires?

Yes, hitting a curb can damage your RV tires. Depending on several factors like speed, angle of the hit, shape, and height of the curb,  tire pressure, and more, hitting a curb can also damage your rims, axles, brakes, suspension, RV structure and cause damage to items stored inside the RV.  Here we’ll take a …

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How Do You Maintain Fiberglass RV Siding?

Are you asking, “How do you maintain fiberglass RV siding?” Fiberglass siding is the most popular siding option available on RVs today. When maintained properly, fiberglass siding lasts as long as the aluminum siding found on less expensive RVs while providing a sleeker, more upscale look.  When it’s new, fiberglass RV siding is a uniform color, …

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How Long Does It Take to Drive Cross Country in an RV?

It’s time to have fun. How long does it take to drive cross country in an RV? The main reason many of us choose to travel by RV is that it allows you to travel great distances while bringing with you many of the comforts of home.  RV travel is a great way to see …

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