Are RV Murphy Beds Comfortable

Are RV Murphy Beds Comfortable?

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Last Updated on April 14, 2023 by Jessica Lauren Vine

If you’re considering getting an RV, you might be asking, “Are RV murphy beds comfortable?”

Yes. RV murphy beds can be just as comfortable as normal RV beds.

Keep in mind that most people (current company included) think that all RV beds are pretty uncomfortable. We immediately got a new mattress and used our favorite mattress topper on it. However, if you have a good back and don’t mind a little bit less quality of a mattress, a murphy bed is plenty comfortable.

Many smaller RVs have murphy beds, so they can keep it out of the way and give you more room when you aren’t in bed. I’ve seen some pretty cool-looking setups in RVs with murphy beds, so you should definitely not write an RV with a murphy bed off your list.

If you want to see some neat plans for an RV with murphy beds, check out this video from RVBlogger below. It’s got some good options.

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