Are RV Murphy Beds a Good Idea

Are RV Murphy Beds a Good Idea?

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Last Updated on March 15, 2023 by Jessica Lauren Vine

You’ve started researching getting an RV with a murphy bed, and you’re wondering, “Are RV murphy beds a good idea?”

You’ve probably seen some RVs use murphy beds to increase sleeping space without taking up a lot of space inside the RV, but is it worth it? You might have heard that getting your own murphy bed in your RV won’t allow you to have a good night’s sleep.

Continue reading this article, and we will get into whether or not you should get a travel trailer with a murphy bed, create your own or avoid them altogether.

What Is an RV Murphy Bed?

Before you get into “Are RV murphy beds a good idea?” you might want to figure out what they are.

An RV murphy bed is just a murphy bed in an RV, and a murphy bed is a bed that is hinged at one end so you can store it vertically on the wall and pull it down when you’re ready to sleep on it.

It’s pretty simple, and the biggest advantage of having a murphy bed is that you’ll be able to put it up out of the way during the day. Keep in mind that in many cases in RVs, you’ll still be able to see it—it just won’t be in the way.

How Does a Murphy Bed Work in an RV?

Though the general idea of a murphy bed is the same no matter where it is, you have a lot less space in an RV, and the ceiling is likely a lot lower than it is in a house or apartment.

A lot of times, campers have murphy beds that push up against the wall and make into a sofa. If you’re good at decorating, you might even make it difficult for people to figure out where your murphy bed is located.

So, “Are RV murphy beds a good idea?”

Are RV Murphy Beds a Good Idea

Should I Get an RV with a Murphy Bed?

If you’re in a very small RV, having a murphy bed can make all the difference in giving you enough space to live without being uncomfortable throughout the day. If you have a small RV and your bed is out in the way all of the time, it can be really annoying.

Keep in mind that there are downsides to having an RV with a murphy bed for sleeping. For instance, you’ll have to put it up every morning and down every evening. If that doesn’t sound like a problem for you and the weight isn’t too much, having one of these beds might not bother you. On the other hand, if you have problems lifting weight and letting it down, then this might be a bad idea for you.

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Are Murphy Beds Comfortable?

The million-dollar question is whether murphy beds are comfortable. In some cases, you might find them comfortable, but a lot of times, their mattresses are super thin because you have to push them up against the wall. You can’t really have thick mattresses on them.

However, all is not lost because you could make them more comfortable but putting a mattress topper on at night. If you have a place to store it during the day, that’s something worth thinking about.

If you’re planning on full time RV life, you might not be so happy about the murphy bed decision after a while. This is especially true if you’ve got any sort of back issues.

A lot of people that have murphy beds shared their experiences on the RV.Net forum, and most of the complaints are about the murphy beds creasing and becoming uncomfortable. So, just make sure you don’t get a murphy bed that folds when you put it up.

Example of a Couple RVs with Murphy Beds

This Forest River Wildwood FSX 167RBK is a pretty small travel trailer, but it still looks pretty big inside because it does use the murphy bed.

The Forest River Rockwood mini-lite 2104S travel trailer is another cool option to consider if you’re looking for an RV with a murphy bed.

Bottom Line – Are RV Murphy Beds a Good Idea?

I think RV murphy beds are pretty cool. I’d definitely check it out and maybe rent an RV with one to see how it is for you. It’s definitely a cool way to maximize your space without adding length, but it’s not the best option for everyone.

Give it a test run and see how it works, but I think it’s a great way to get more bedroom space without a bedroom.

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