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Hi and welcome.

I’m Jessica & I don’t want you to be an RV idiot like I was when I first started out.

We created this site to help guide you through RV life, so you don’t have to make all the same mistakes we made.

Thankfully, the RV community is amazing and we learned a lot of things from our campsite neighbors—but it was a little embarrassing at how green we were.

Yes, there are a lot of sites online that talk about RVing and many great video tutorials, but we couldn’t find what we wanted easily.

So, here we are.

We RV’ed 2.5 years full-time and had 2 different RVs throughout that time. Both of them were pull behind RVs.

We have 4 awesome kids, a dog, and a cat, and the adventures we went on were epic. From the Grand Canyon in Arizona to the top of Maine seeing Acadia National Park, we wouldn’t trade these experiences for anything.

Stick around and bookmark the site for more.

Site Contributors

We also have other amazing RVers that bring their experiences to the blog, so you can get the best information possible.

Meet the authors:

Jalin Coblentz

Jalin has been RVing since April 2021, along with my wife Kate and our Goldendoodle, Harper. We spent 4 months in Elkhart, Indiana, and lived in Traverse City, Michigan during the warm weather. Our winter plans are to head to Orlando, Florida. We live in a 36 foot Palomino Puma and are absolutely loving it so far!

Jalin’s day job has been working as an HVAC professional but it’s transitioning to full time writer and RVer.

Diana McCarthy

Diana McCarthy

Diana McCarthy is a full time mom, full time RVer, and part time freelance writer. An Orlando native, Diana never dreamed of leaving the Sunshine State, especially in an RV! Now, she and her wife and their two boys travel the country, homeschool, and are always looking for new adventures. When she’s not writing, she’s ordering new parts for the RV, planning the family’s next stop, or reading in her hammock.