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I’m Jessica & I think of an RV Idiot as someone that is crazy over RVs. However, if you want to avoid being an RV idiot in the sense that you don’t know what you’re doing, the team here will help you avoid major mistakes so you can continue to enjoy smooth sailing.

I created this site to help guide you through RV life so you don’t have to make all the same mistakes my family—and others—have made.

Thankfully, the RV community is amazing, and we learned a lot of things from our campsite neighbors—but it was a little embarrassing at how green we were.

Yes, there are a lot of sites online that talk about RVing and many great video tutorials, but we couldn’t find what we wanted easily.

So, here we are.

We RV’ed 2.5 years full-time and had 2 different RVs throughout that time. Both of them were pull behind RVs.

We took four kids, a dog, and a cat on the road, and the adventures we went on were epic. From the Grand Canyon in Arizona to the top of Maine’s mountains seeing Acadia National Park, we wouldn’t trade these experiences for anything.

If you’re reading this and you aren’t RVing yet, you might wonder if you can make it happen for you. Yes. Yes, you can. All you have to do is figure out a mobile income source, figure out your RV situation, and get ready to hit the road. You might think that is oversimplifying it, but honestly, all the other stuff will fall into place, and I’ll try to help you as much as I can! =)

How This Works

I’ve researched the most pressing topics people want to learn about right now, but I’ve also written (and gotten the team to write) about topics that I wanted to learn about while I was on the road learning about RV life.

All of the writers on our site have real-world experience, and there are no ghostwriters or people that don’t know what they’re talking about.

If you want us to cover a topic, all you have to do is hit the contact button and let us know, and we’ll make it happen.

Stick around and bookmark the site for more.

Site Contributors

It’s not just me (Jessica) that writes the blogs. We have other RVers that bring their own unique experiences to RV Idiots to help you have the most successful and enjoyable trip possible.

Jessica Vine & Joe Vine – Gathers of RV Information

Jessica & Joe Vine RVed around America for 2.5 years. During that time, they came up against quite a few frustrations. They looked online for the best resources and still couldn’t find them.

Finally, Jessica decided to take matters into her own hands as she learned a lot of topics herself but also brought other experts together to help her help others.

Now, Jessica and Joe provide much of the content on RV Idiots but they also bring on experts that know what to do in the areas where they’re weak.

Sandra Crespo – Adventure Lover of 1st Class RV Adventures

1st Class RV Adventures

Sandra Crespo and her family set out on their RV adventure in July of 2016 and started 1st Class RV Adventures. They hit the road in their Heartland Toy Hauler, and their goal is to collect experiences—not junk.

Sandra and her fiancé Luis Class decided to move out of their huge home in downtown Orlando and into their tiny house on wheels.

They’ve seen many amazing places while traveling in their RV and love teaching their kids while traveling and making unforgettable memories.

But what’s more important is that they are dear friends of ours and some of the coolest people you will ever come across when you’re RVing. We love you guys!

Jalin Coblentz – Following His Dreams

Jalin has been RVing since April 2021, along with my wife Kate and our Goldendoodle, Harper. We spent 4 months in Elkhart, Indiana, and lived in Traverse City, Michigan during the warm weather. They live in a 36 foot Palomino Puma and are absolutely loving it!

Jalin’s day job has been working as an HVAC professional but he’s put that in the past and now is a full-time RVer and writer.

He’s an all around great guy and we’re very lucky to have him writing for the site.

Diana McCarthy – Traveling Homeschool Mom

Diana McCarthy

Diana McCarthy is a full time mom, full time RVer, and part time freelance writer. An Orlando native, Diana never dreamed of leaving the Sunshine State, especially in an RV! Now, she and her wife and their two boys travel the country, homeschool, and are always looking for new adventures. When she’s not writing, she’s ordering new parts for the RV, planning the family’s next stop, or reading in her hammock.

Thomas Bahla – Over a Decade of Full-Time RV Life

Thomas Blaha is a long-time RV travel and camping enthusiast. His family of 6 started RVing in 2011 and in 2017 they sold almost everything they owned to travel the country full time in their 37-foot travel trailer.

Over the course of two years, they saw 43 of the 50 states and 22 national parks. From standing atop Cadillac Mountain in the great state of Maine to scooting across the waters of the Everglades in Florida, they’ve seen some amazing sights.

With his experience of the highs and lows of RV life, he is more than able to help newbies and veteran RVers navigate the many challenges that come with life on the road.

His current rig is a 2017 Sporttrek 327VIK bunkhouse travel trailer.

Chuck Warren – RVs for Pleasure & Rents Out His RV

A passionate boater, Chuck Warren has worked and played in the marine industry for over 40
years as a sunset cruise captain, driver for two offshore racing teams, Chief Engineer on a 130-
foot research and salvage vessel, and much more.

Today, Chuck writes about boats, RVs, and other topics as a regular contributor for several
magazines and online publications. In the Summer, Chuck lives onboard his 40-foot powerboat
on the Lake Michigan coast. When the temperature drops, Chuck heads for warmer weather in
his 33-foot motorhome while writing about his adventures along the way.

Bonnie StPierre – On the Road with Husband and Pup

Bonnie StPierre and her husband Dan officially went full-time in their RV in Sept 2021 with their pup Sammi. Their rig is a Reflection travel trailer with multiple slideouts. She’s worked as a professional photographer, copywriter, and author before hitting the road and looks forward to the adventures the road will bring.

Some Great Reads You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

Now that you know some of our amazing site contributors, you don’t want to miss their awesome articles, so dig around the site a bit and learn a thing or two.

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